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How to Cure a Cow Hide With Hair on It

Before you start curing the hide, you will need to know how to salt the skin and apply a brain paste to it. You will also need to know how to use a lye solution bath to treat it. There are also some important tips to keep in mind, such as avoiding the washing machine. Follow the instructions below to cure your cowhide the right way. Follow these steps to make the process as easy as possible!

Salting a cowhide

One method to cure a cowhide is by bringing it. This involves soaking the hide in a solution of water and bleach. Use a larger container, such as a plastic garbage can, to place the hide in. The salt solution should be left in the cowhide for at least 24 hours before rinsing it thoroughly. Afterward, scrape off any excess flesh, fat, and sinew.

Applying brain paste

Cowhides are often crafted into head-to-toe leather accessories for hunters and cowboys. To apply brain paste to a hide, combine animal brains with warm water until the mixture is thick and creamy. To apply, lay the stiff hide on a stretcher or flat surface. After soaking for several hours, apply the brain solution to every part of the hide. When the first application dries, repeat the procedure.

Using lye solution bath

Using a lye solution bath to cure cowhides with hair on them is easy if you know what to do. The hide will need to be laid flat with the hairy side down. Next, it should be rubbed with dry salt. A wooden bar with a rounded edge is preferred for this purpose. According to New Mexico State University, one pound of salt should be used for every pound of hiding. After rubbing the hide with salt, it needs to remain on for two weeks. Once the salt has dried, it can be hung in the sun to cure. Afterward, it can be tanned and ready to use.

Avoiding washing in the washing machine

When cleaning your cowhide rug, be sure to avoid washing it. The stains on the cowhide should be brushed or wiped with a damp sponge. Some stains may be stubborn and require several rubbings. Then, let it dry on a rack or chair. The hair side should be down. If possible, dry it outdoors to speed up the drying process. Avoid direct sunlight. Exposure to direct sunlight will change the color of the cowhide.

Avoiding high-traffic areas for cowhide rugs

Although cowhide rugs are made to be durable, their longevity is affected by how they are placed in the home. This type of rug is safe for high-traffic areas, but displaying it in a sunny room can shorten its lifespan. It is also susceptible to fading, even if it is dyed. Here are a few tips to keep cowhide rugs looking their best:

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