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How to Create Rustic Painted Furniture

If you want to create a look of age and farmhouse charm on your painted furniture, there are a few things you can try. There are a few basic techniques you can try, such as dry brushing or wet distressing. Depending on the type of furniture you’re painting, distressing can be a two or one-color process. Using 220 grit sandpaper to reveal the first color is a good way to create an authentic look. For one-color distressing, you can simply reveal the natural color underneath. A chalk type or Jolie Matte Finish Paint will work best for one-color distress.

Dry brushing

When painting furniture, using dry brushing techniques will help you achieve a worn-in, aged look. This technique is often used for farmhouse-style decor, as it brings out the brush strokes and creates a rough, rustic finish. You can apply Annie Sloan Chalk Paint with a dry brush for an authentic rustic finish, or apply it thickly and dilute the paint with water for a wash effect.

Wet distressing

If you’re looking for a distressed finish for your painted furniture, you should try wet distressing. You can use a damp rag to gently rub the paint off the surface of a drawer front. By doing so, you’ll create a distressed look without damaging the finish of the wood underneath. It’s also easier to distress-painted furniture if the paint is chalk, milk, or latex.

Using antiquing glaze

Applying an antiquing glaze to a piece of painted furniture is an excellent way to add a more antique finish to your painted furniture. You can purchase kits at hardware or paint stores that include a base enamel and coordinating antiquing glaze. You can apply this type of finish to any sound surface, including water-based and acrylic paint. To get a classic, aged look, you may choose one of several different colors.

Using steel wool

Using steel wool to create rustic-painted furniture is a great way to give a previously polished piece of furniture a distressed look. This type of wool can be used on large areas of furniture to remove layers of paint and reveal the original stained finish underneath. Unlike sandpaper, steel wool is easier to handle and allows you to create a burnished effect that makes a piece look worn and aged. You can also use it to tighten loose screws.

Using a wooden block

There are many ways to distress the look of rustic-painted furniture. One method is using a wooden block to whitewash wood. Simply dip the block in paint and scrape along the grain. You can apply multiple layers of paint or whitewash a piece in several different colors. If the wood has lots of texture, this technique will work well. You can use it on both painted and raw wood. If you want a more worn look, you can even apply several layers of paint.

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