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How to Create Beach-Inspired Decor When Not Living by the Beach

Even if you’re not living by the ocean, you can enjoy the feeling of being near the sea with beach-inspired decor. Vacation homes are typically decorated with a “kick-your-shoes-off” attitude. Choose furniture that embraces that attitude and adds a tropical touch to your space. Place the beach-style furniture in front of large arched doorways to allow ample light to filter in. Designer Jenny Keenan had a wide variety of antique pieces available to her when designing her parents’ home in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. The coastal surroundings inspired the selection of beachy accents and pieces.

Coastal style

For a coastal-style home, natural fibers and colors will enhance the look. A slipcovered sofa will work well in a coastal-style living room. Organic accents and light fabrics are also appropriate. Light-colored and open spaces will lend themselves to more natural light. To make the space seem brighter, try hanging a striking light fixture. Coastal homes often use a combination of light-colored wood and white-washed paint.

Coastal decor

Coastal decor emphasizes natural elements. You can add real pieces of seashore decor or decorative items that mimic the look. You can even make a DIY glass vase and put sand and your favorite seashells inside it. The more natural the items, the more beachy they will look. The same goes for the color scheme. Coastal decor can be applied to almost any room in the house. Here are some ways to create coastal looks without living on the coast.

Coastal style furniture

Coastal-style furniture is a great way to add a seaside feel to your home, even if you’re not living by the seaside. This type of style incorporates the use of natural materials such as wicker and seagrass. It’s also possible to incorporate a rope-like texture into your furnishings, such as wicker hanging swing chairs. Coastal-style furniture should be made from materials that are easy to clean and maintain.

Coastal style bedroom

If you’ve always dreamed of sleeping in a room that looks like it belongs on the beach, you can achieve that look wherever you live, with a few tips. From bunk rooms to island-style suites to gorgeous guest quarters, coastal-style bedroom decorating ideas can make your house feel like a beach getaway. The key to achieving a relaxing feel is to avoid obnoxious accessories and muted colors. Dark furniture can look a little drab and boring when paired with a light-colored wall.

Coastal-style dining room

You can create a coastal-style dining room when you don’t live near the coast. Coastal-style furniture and accessories look relaxed and comfortable and can be found in coastal fabrics such as linen. Linen fabrics are breathable, so you can use them to cover slip-covered chairs in coastal climates. You can pair these chairs with a wooden dining hutch and a rustic wood table to complete your look. Add a few pops of the blue by placing a blue abstract art or a striped throw pillow.

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