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How to Create Beach House Decor

Here are some ideas for adding a nautical touch to your decor. Seagrass trays and striped throws will make your living room or bedroom look as though you live by the ocean. You can also use decorative coral for an extra touch. If you’re not sure where to get these accessories, check out these great ideas for decorating your home. These ideas will give your home a beach-inspired vibe without breaking the bank.

Diy nautical maps

If you love the beach, why not bring the ocean inside? Whether you love cruising the seas or simply enjoying the sights and sounds of the area, nautical maps can be the perfect choice for beach house decor. Typically colorful representations of maritime history, nautical maps can blend in with both traditional and contemporary homes. Whether your walls are large and blank or are full of space, nautical maps are a great choice for beach house decor.

These decorative maps are easy to create and can be printed in any size and shape. You can choose the size and layout that you like and then fold and iron them flat to ensure a clean and professional finish. Then, use wallpaper paste, ModPodge, or a homemade paste made from white glue and water. Once the paste is dry, simply apply it to the wall and smooth it out with a damp sponge. You can also use watered-down glue to protect the wall.

Seagrass trays

Seagrass trays are a beautiful, hand-woven addition to any coastal or boho house. The texture and color of this natural material make it a perfect accent for any room. The beautiful seagrass trays come in a variety of sizes and can be used for storing items as well as displaying home decor. They are also a great option for adding beach house decor if you are decorating a home with an island or coastal theme.

You can use seagrass trays as storage or display pieces for other items. They are natural, durable, and can help organize items without being overbearing. Although they are not food-safe, they are great accent pieces and will complement a coastal style. Most of these trays are handmade and are not made from food-safe materials. Moreover, they are intended for indoor use and are not meant for use outdoors.

Striped throws

A coastal living room should feature a striped throw. Throw pillows in a blue and white hue will complete the look. A large hand-dyed rug is another must-have for a beach house living room. Simple striped linen pillows can also tie together the look. Adding a simple footstool in blue and white stripes is another great accent piece for a coastal living room. Seagrass or rattan adds texture and instant coastal style to a room.

To add a touch of coastal style to your bedroom, consider striped throws. This coastal style is both warm and colorful, and you can find them in different price ranges. You can get a cheap cotton throw or a luxurious baby alpaca throw to match your decor style. This is a great gift for your loved one with coastal décor. It will definitely complement their beach house! And remember, throws are the perfect way to add a little color to a beach house.

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