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How to Create a Beach Look Decor in the City

If you live in the city but want to achieve the beach feel in your home, you can easily recreate the coastal theme in your apartment by following some simple guidelines. Try painting your cabinets white, hang watercolor prints on bare walls, and use natural materials. You can also add some beach-inspired paraphernalia. But be careful not to overdo the beach theme, as it may make your apartment look dated.

Painting cabinets white

Paint is the most versatile way to incorporate color into your room. You can use it on walls, trim and even floors. White will blend with most colors. If you live in a city, you can still get the beach look by painting your kitchen cabinets white. Here are some ideas for your kitchen:

Adding watercolor prints to bare walls

Adding watercolor prints to bare walls is a great way to give your home a beach-inspired look. Watercolor wall art is delicate and soft and looks wonderful in any home. Watercolor wall art usually features flowing lines and exceptional use of color. Choose a piece that is big enough to fill an entire wall and pay attention to the color scheme. This way, you can incorporate your favorite shades into your room’s decor.

Using natural materials

If you’d like a coastal look in your home, you can use natural materials and sea-inspired art prints to make your space feel as if you’re living on a beach. Choose furniture with prominent wood grains and pile-up patterned cushions to imitate the look of driftwood. Choose easy-to-clean flooring for an ocean-like feel. Incorporate sea-inspired art on the walls.

Adding beach paraphernalia

Bringing the beach into your home is easy if you have a few nautical accents. The jute rope, ship anchor, and cleats add a nautical element. You can purchase bookends, such as the Ship Anchor and Captain’s Helm Wheel, to organize your beach reads. These bookends measure seven and a half inches tall and six and a quarter inches deep. They are adorned with a gold ship anchor and a Captain’s wheel.

Using slipcovers

A beach house will never have a thick shag rug. The floors will be hardwood, not carpet. If you have hardwood floors, add a sisal rug and a coastal feel with a contemporary wicker furniture set. Add a seagrass or cane lampshade and rattan accents. Even if you don’t live by the beach, slipcovers are a practical way to update the look of your existing furniture.

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