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How to Combine White Beach Style Furniture With Modern Decor

You can achieve a relaxing beach style in your home with the right combination of beach-inspired colors. Annie Selke recommends a unified palette of three tones. While blue shades may seem out of place in a contemporary coastal room, they do lend a beachy feel. Sand tones, whites, and lime greens are also restful hues that contribute to the beach-like atmosphere. Yellow tropical prints and natural wood hues can also stimulate beach-like feelings.

Choosing wood furniture

If you’re thinking about integrating white beach-style furniture into your decor, you may be wondering how to choose wood furniture for your space. Lighter woods, such as oak and beech, give off a bright, beachy feel, but dark woods will take away from the coastal feel. To avoid clashing, choose neutral colors and natural materials such as rattan, seagrass, or wicker.

Coastal-inspired furniture should withstand the salty air found on beaches. Choose wicker or robust wood that will stand up to the elements and weathering. When choosing upholstery, choose fabrics that are both indoor and outdoor. It’s best to avoid leather furniture, which can be easily stained and may not last long. Instead, choose furniture made from wicker or a combination of wood and fabric.

Adding woven accents

Adding woven accents to white beach-style furniture with modern decor is an easy way to add color and texture to a beach-inspired room. This style is often associated with natural materials, such as rattan and wicker. However, woven accents are an equally popular way to create a modern coastal look. By incorporating woven accents into the design, you can bring the coastal vibe inside without spending a lot of money on them.

To add texture to a coastal-style room, incorporate woven accents. Seashells, rope, and chains can be used to create a rustic look, while reclaimed wood and sea shells create a more refined feel. You can also incorporate these accents into artwork or pillows for an even more coastal look. Coastal interiors are often more dramatic than ordinary rooms, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different materials and combinations.

Using colors from the surroundings to create a coastal look

Coastal design is characterized by blues and whites, and the two colors go hand in hand to create that seaside atmosphere. For an authentic look, try tying other elements from the sea into your decors, such as beach-inspired accent pieces or woven rugs. If you’re not a fan of the sea, you can still get the look by mixing colors from the surroundings and using neutral colors.

While the coastal decor is a popular style, it can be a little difficult to achieve. While white and blue are incredibly popular, you can also use other light and natural colors to give your room a coastal vibe. For example, seafoam green and peachy coral can bring your living room to life. You can even use splashes of red and navy if you want.

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