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How To Combine White Beach Style Furniture With Modern Decor

Incorporating white beach-style furniture into a room can be easy if you know how to incorporate woven accents. The following are some ideas to consider:

Combining woven accents with glass

The juxtaposition of the two design themes works well when combined in a coastal modern home. Keep the palette simple and clean while incorporating coastal touches in your decor. You may use bold accent colors in small doses, but save them for a single decorative piece, such as a piece of glass. The coastal chic design is all about natural colors and uncomplicated designs.

Using reclaimed wood

Coastal-style living rooms are the perfect setting for reclaimed wood furniture. Using recycled materials, reclaimed wood furniture blends well with both modern and traditional decor. Reclaimed wood furniture is not only beautiful and eco-friendly but also boasts a rich history. Handcrafted pieces are more than just stylish-they are also made to last for years. Here are a few ways to use reclaimed wood to make your home feel more tropical.

Adding seaweed

Adding seaweed to your white beach-style furniture and modern decor is easy to do with the right colors. Many interior designers look to nature for color pairings. A natural complement to blue is sunny yellow, while seaweed green and sandy beige make a perfect accent. Here are three ways to add seaweed to your furniture and decor:

Adding woven wicker

The feel of the warm, coastal sun is one of the most appealing aspects of white beach-style furniture and modern decor. A wicker sofa can be decorated with the same kind of ambiance. To add an air of warmth, place tall, leafy plants in wicker plant holders, or use a long wicker basket tray for potted herbs. While the material is versatile, it should be kept dry, as natural wicker needs a great deal of maintenance.

Adding woven rattan

The casual feel of rattan makes it the perfect material to incorporate into your coastal-style home. Its soft, natural tone and texture will complement any color scheme. Rattan is an organic material that easily blends with white beach-style furniture. In addition to bringing a natural element to your home, rattan also adds a modern and airy look to your space. Rattan can also be painted for a more contemporary look.

Adding ticking stripe

Adding ticking stripes to your beach-style furnishings is a classic way to update your beach-inspired home. Ticking stripes are thin, vertical lines on white backgrounds, ranging in width from one to two inches. Blue is the most common stripe color, but there are many other variations available. In the 1940s, American designer Sister Parish elevated ticking stripes from utilitarian to fashionable by using the fabric on furnishings, drapes, and pillows. Her use of the pattern was particularly pronounced when she combined it with other beach-style patterns, such as chintz.

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