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How to Combine White Beach Style Bedroom Furniture With Modern Bedding

If you want to create a Coastal-style bedroom, you can mix white beach-style bedroom furniture with blue bedding. The color blue will draw attention to the white pieces and add a hint of whimsy and optimism to your bedroom. You can also add a rope rug or a reversible comforter to complete the look. If you are not sure how to go about this, read on to learn how to combine white beach-style bedroom furniture with modern bedding.

Coastal bedroom color scheme

If you’re in the market for a new bedroom set, a coastal-style room can help you get the look. A beachy color palette means lots of greens, dusty blues, and sandy browns. For the bedding and decor, you should focus on natural materials. Slate tiles and wicker baskets will add texture and character. Coral and red colors can also be used for accents. Both of these colors are gender-neutral and will complement any beach-style bedroom furniture.

When it comes to accessories, a ship in a glass bottle can add a nautical touch to your coastal-style bedroom. Instead of using the cliched seashells and nautical-inspired accessories, fill the bottle with sand and set it on your nightstand. Then attach a ribbon or note about the beach to the bottle. You can even recycle an old bottle and use it as decorative decor in your bedroom.

Combining white furniture with blue bedding

Incorporating blue and white is a classic coastal color combination. An accent wall in aqua ties the blue tones together. White is a refreshing color, and natural wood tones add depth and texture. Most bedrooms are warm-toned, but this cool-toned bedroom proves that blues are just as soothing. In addition, individual decor elements scream coastal chic. A statement bed and matching nightstands are great examples of the type of furniture to incorporate into this design scheme.

Whether you’re going for a contemporary feel or a classic beach look, blue works in many settings. Sky blue is an excellent choice because it goes well with clean, crisp white. Pair it with contemporary bedding to create a monochromatic look. The lighter blue shades pull the look back a bit, allowing the rest of the room to shine. And if you’re not sure which color to choose, you can always find great bedding options online.

Adding a rope rug

You can add a rope rug to your white beach-style bedroom furniture and modern bedding to make the space look even cozier. The natural fibers and textures in the rope rug will add a soothing element to your room. Burlap can be added to the cardboard backing or you can arrange sand dollars on top of the rug. For added visual interest, consider adding a picture frame. Attach a non-slip rug liner beneath the rug to prevent slips.

The nautical-themed accents on the headboard and other decor items will accentuate the white beach-style bed. A coral-patterned bed pillow in the corner brings a splash of color to the space. A nautical-themed Ro Sham Beaux chandelier, made of recycled Coke bottles, is another unique touch. The room will also feel lighter and airier with a rope rug underneath.

Adding a reversible comforter

You can easily add a reversible comforter to your white beach-style bedroom furniture by purchasing a white-down alternative comforter. The textured waffle material in a white-down alternative comforter will help maintain your body temperature. This comforter is machine-washable and lightweight. You can even choose a plaid comforter if you are allergic to down. When choosing a comforter set, consider the comforter’s design and texture.

If you are choosing a white beach-style bedroom, you can also choose a bed in a bag. You can find a white beach-style bed in a bag online. It is lightweight and reversible and has a headboard and nightstand in white. These two pieces will blend nicely with the rest of your beach-style furniture. You can also choose a throw blanket with a striped pattern, which will add color and a fun accent to the room.

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