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How to Combine Rustic and Modern Dining Furniture

The best way to blend rustic and modern furnishings is to layer them. Try layering natural materials such as birch wood and wicker with a touch of artistic flair. Using Artisan furniture, natural linens, and architectural materials can create the layered magic you’ve been searching for. Layering your pieces will also allow you to include additional decorative touches like wrought iron and leather. Read on for tips to make your room look incredible.

Artisan made furniture

It may seem like a challenge to mix and match different design styles, but it’s easier than you think! Rather than choosing one, you can combine the two and end up with a stylish look that fits your unique tastes and aesthetic. Rustic pieces add a warm feel and can soften the contemporary look. By layering materials and using different color schemes, you can create a unique look that will wow your guests.

Natural linens

If you are looking for a way to update your dining room while maintaining a modern style, consider natural linens. These fabrics add hardiness and allow them to age gracefully. They also add rustic notes over time. When choosing linens for rustic and modern dining furniture, you should stay away from delicate fabrics. The color scheme should be warm, earthy, and natural. Natural finishes are the most important aspects to consider in choosing the right linen.

Natural architectural materials

Rustic furnishings combine the rawness of wood with the beauty of natural architectural materials. Rough wood, driftwood, and raw fabrics create a unique mix of textures and colors. A touch of bark lends a rustic vibe, while modern shapes and materials add a sleek, contemporary flair. The key to a rustic style is balance. You can use a natural wood slab to style your coffee table or turn it into a succulent planter.

Artistic touches

Mixing opposite design styles isn’t as difficult as you might think. To create an interesting look, mix rustic dining furniture with modern furniture, and vice versa. First, you need to put aside your preconceived notions and think that you can successfully merge the two. Next, you need to find a way to bridge the two styles. This can be achieved by utilizing different materials and combining them in interesting ways.

Color palette

When choosing colors for your dining room, consider the styles of your room. A rustic style often looks more natural and relaxed, so you may want to use muted and neutral shades. Colors that blend well with rustic designs are light mauve or pink, warm cream, and soft white. Rustic furniture also looks great with muted, earthy color palettes. These will look great with rustic or contemporary decor.

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