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How To Combine Cottage and Country Decor in A Beach House

You can incorporate the cottage style into a beach house by adding a few things that belong in both worlds. The style is characterized by mixing patterns and colors, colorful throw pillows, and charming woven accents. It can also be paired with whimsical art. The cottage decor is often associated with the collection of life’s little treasures. Designer Leanne Ford, for instance, used a 70-year-old typewriter as a desk.

Mix and match fabrics

Beach houses are all about fun, casual accents. Try using nautical prints and colors in your decor. Round, square, or rectangular pillows add a casual touch. Coastal-inspired home decor can be a simple and inexpensive way to give your beach house a new look. You can also add fun accents in other rooms, such as a rope-woven belly basket or porthole mirror. While it might be easy to go overboard, you can add some fun accents to any room in your home.

William Morris’s flora and fauna prints

A beach house can be an ideal place for a William Morris print displaying flora and fauna from his popular Woodland Animal series. This block-printed floral print has an appealing youthful appeal. This print works well when combined with smaller leaf prints and striped prints for maximum impact. If you have a neutral color scheme, you can use the flora and fauna print in a large format to give maximum impact.

Claw-foot tubs

The clawfoot bathtub is a classic bathroom fixture. Introduced in the mid-1800s, it was originally made from tin or copper. Later, cast-iron versions became common in bathrooms and farmhouses, blending well with country and cottage decor. Clawfoot tubs were so named because of their claw-and-ball feet, and their appearance was inspired by popular furniture styles of the era.

Wooden floors

Choosing the right type of wood for your floors depends on the type of style of your home and the location. For instance, if your vacation home is located by a lake, you’ll want to opt for a wood-like material. For a cottage-style feel, softer woods like walnut and oak are a perfect choice. These types of wood tend to show fewer scratches and are less likely to show dust. Likewise, choose a finish with a lower gloss to keep the cottage charm intact. A wire-brushed finish helps hide dirt and sand so you can keep the cottage charm intact.


Bookshelves are a great way to add interest and organization to a cottage or beach house. Many of these units are built in, but you can get them freestanding or custom-built to fit any space. This is an excellent way to keep your books organized and close to the fireplace. Besides adding interest and organization to the room, bookshelves are also a functional and stylish feature.

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