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How To Clean Old Navajo Rugs

If you’re wondering how to clean your old Navajo rug, there are a few things you should know. Here are some of the most common reasons to clean your rug and some of the techniques you can use. Keep in mind that these rugs are not meant for regular household cleaning and require special care. Dirt can cause discoloration and stubborn stains over time and can even penetrate the fibers of the rug. Chemical spills can also damage or discolor your rug, even if you address the spill right away. Bleach is one of the most common chemicals.

Do’s and don’ts

There are certain dos and don’ts to keep in mind when cleaning your old Navajo rug. Firstly, avoid over-spraying the rug with liquids as this can damage the delicate fibers. Also, avoid beating or scrubbing the textile, as these actions can damage the warp threads. In case of a spill, blot the affected area gently. If you want to avoid the risk of ruining the rug, try to neutralize the spill with white wine. If you’re not sure how to clean a stain, take it to a dry cleaning company that is trained to work with rugs.

Keeping your rug clean is very important, as dirt and stains will be prone to settling. If possible, vacuum your old rug every few months to prevent deterioration. You can also use a rug beater to remove the dirt from your rugs. This tool looks like a tennis racket and was often used to besat rugs as part of a spring cleaning routine. Wool-made Navajo rugs are not suitable for washing, but they can be dried in a dryer.


Proper storage of Navajo rugs is essential to maintain their aesthetic value. Navajo rugs should not be hand-washed or dry-cleaned unless you have a professional do it. The dyes in the wool need time to set, and beating the rug can damage the warp threads. Whenever possible, keep your rugs on a flat surface to avoid damage. For long-term storage, use archival materials to wrap them. Lastly, if your rug develops stains, you should have it professionally cleaned.

The most effective method of storing old Navajo Rugs is to keep them in a cool, dry room. Every few months, you should check them for damage and vacuum them with a high-quality vacuum cleaner. Remember that your valuable rugs require special attention when vacuuming, so make sure to remove any microscopic debris with the vacuum. You should also dry the rugs thoroughly before storing them.


If you’ve got an old Navajo rug, you may be wondering how to properly clean it. Vacuuming a Navajo rug can be a tricky task, but there are a few basic tips you should know to keep it looking its best. Regular vacuuming can prevent stains and dust, and it’s a good idea to revert the rug to its original position after a few months of use.

First, avoid direct sunlight. Direct sunlight deteriorates textiles, and it’s better to avoid bright illumination altogether. Moreover, avoid shaking or beating the rug, as it can cause the ends to fray and unravel fibers. For more thorough cleaning, you can opt to hire a professional to do it for you. Likewise, if the Navajo rug is stained or has dyes, use a wet cleaning process. Dry cleaning can strip lanolin and cause other damage to the textile.


Despite its beautiful appearance, your Navajo rug may need a good cleaning from time to time. Regularly rotating it will ensure even fading and prevent matting caused by heavy foot traffic. It will also prevent excessive dirt from collecting in one area. Rotate it for about six months. After vacuuming, use a white paper towel to dab some cleaning solution on it and blot it dry.

You’ll want to avoid exposing it to direct sunlight and other harsh rays of the sun. Fortunately, there are ways to minimize these damages, including UV-treated windows and films on your windows. But even so, you’ll want to avoid direct raw sunlight and spots of light coming through windows. You should also rotate your old Navajo rug every few years to ensure the colors remain balanced. Make sure to hang it with Velcro or small nails to keep it secure.

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