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How to Clean Native American Rugs

Whether you’re interested in the delicate beauty of a Navajo rug or want to know more about its proper care, this article will teach you the basics of cleaning these handcrafted rugs. These rugs are particularly fragile and should never be dry-cleaned. Nevertheless, improper cleaning methods may ruin these rugs. So, it’s essential to follow the cleaning instructions carefully. Listed below are the steps you should take to properly care for your Navajo rug.

Navajo rugs are delicate rugs

If you want a beautiful rug for your home, you should consider purchasing a Navajo Rug. Despite their delicate nature, Navajo rugs are still popular today. Their geometric patterns and history make them a must-have for any home. The motifs are also often symbolic, as they represent shapes and symmetry. In addition to their aesthetic value, Navajo rugs also have a special meaning. Traders on the Navajo Reservation have helped promote their rugs and have received feedback from collectors and tourists from the East and around the world. You can obtain expert advice about these delicate rugs from their traders and from the Navajo Reservation.

They should never be dry cleaned

To preserve the integrity and beauty of your Native American Rugs, be sure to follow proper cleaning procedures. Do not attempt to dry-clean them on your own. Using a vacuum with a rug attachment is highly recommended. Be sure to avoid beating or shaking the rugs, as these may cause damage to the fibers. Moreover, you should avoid hand-dry cleaning them, as this may lead to the unraveling of fibers and fraying of the ends. If you want to hang a rug on the wall, use a carpet pad to prevent it from attracting moths. In addition, clean your rug regularly. Dry cleaning may be unnecessary if you are not able to maintain its value.

Improper cleaning techniques can damage Navajo rugs

Various factors may cause damage to Navajo rugs. Improper cleaning techniques can discolor, fade colors, and cause bleeding of wool. These problems can be avoided if proper cleaning techniques are followed. Avoid beating rugs with a broom, as this will damage their warp threads. Instead, blot spills gently with a dry cloth. In case of red wine spills, use white wine. Professional dry cleaners will know how to properly clean Navajo rugs.

They must be handled with care

The delicate texture of Native American Rugs needs careful handling and cleaning to keep them looking their best. They must not be exposed to direct sunlight, moisture, or untrained pets. In addition, they must be rotated regularly to avoid massification. To prevent stains from setting, spot clean spills immediately. Don’t rub or scrub the stains – they can ruin the beauty of your rug. Instead, store them in a tube or roll them up.

They should never be hung up in direct sunlight

If you’re hanging a Navajo rug, it’s a good idea to use a mat or carpet pad underneath it to protect it from direct sunlight. You can also hang it from a strip of 2″ wide Velcro that is attached to a strip of wood. When hanging a Navajo rug, be sure to use the ‘grabby’ side of the Velcro.

They should be cleaned by hand

Cleaning a Navajo rug requires special attention and care. Often dyed in vibrant colors, Navajo textiles are extremely fragile and can easily be ruined by a vacuum. If a vacuum is necessary, choose one that has a rug attachment to prevent damage. Also, avoid shaking or beating a Navajo rug; this can cause fraying and unraveling of the fibers. Professional cleaners are the best option for keeping a Navajo textile in top condition and preserving its value.

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