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How to Clean Mold Off of a Leather Cow Hide Chair

If your leather cowhide chair has begun to develop mold, here are some tips that will help you get rid of this fungus. The spores of mold only need one to grow into a colony, so it is essential to clean the item outside. Make sure to wear a face mask and rubber gloves to avoid the spread of mold spores. If you do not have the time to clean the item outside, it is recommended that you hire a professional to do the cleaning for you.

Baking soda

If your cowhide chair has developed mold and is smelling musty, try using a baking soda solution to scrub it away. Mix one part baking soda with two parts water, then apply the mixture to the mold. Scrub it off using a scouring pad or scrubbing brush. Rinse with warm water. If you still detect a smell, use a solution of vinegar and baking soda, which will kill the mold and prevent it from returning.

Saddle soap

It is important to remember that mildew and mold can co-exist on leather furniture. Both thrive in warm, moist environments and feed on the material’s moisture. If you’ve seen a mold-covered leather chair, the easiest way to identify it is by its color. Mildew looks like a white, grey, or yellow substance. In contrast, mold is a black or green substance.

White vinegar

There are several ways to clean the mold from a cowhide leather chair. The first way is to apply a mild detergent to the area affected. Mix two cups of detergent with two cups of warm water. Spray the mixture onto the affected area. Let it sit for at least one hour, and then wipe the leather dry with a clean, dry cloth. This will help kill spores that may remain on the surface of the cowhide. Once the mold has been removed, repeat the process until the mold or mildew is gone.

Preventing mold growth on leather

If you are concerned about mold growing on your leather cowhide chair, there are some things you can do. To prevent further damage to your leather, keep it clean and dry. Using distilled water with mild soap will do the trick. But remember to never use water or soap on finished leather. The dyes can transfer from leather to other fabrics and clothing. In case you have to clean it with water, try to test a small patch of it first. If a droplet of water stains the leather, avoid using the cleaning solution.

Drying cowhide rug

To clean mold from your leather cowhide chair, you should first remove any solid matter from the surface of the chair. Use a cloth or sponge to apply soapy water. Don’t use too much pressure, as it can damage the material. Then, use a hard-bristled brush to gently remove any remaining particles. Once this is complete, you can dry the cowhide rug.

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