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How to Clean Cowhide Rugs

If you have a cowhide rug, you probably wonder how to clean it. Here are some tips:

Avoiding harsh chemicals

There are several tips for cleaning your cowhide rug without damaging it. You can clean your cowhide rug with warm water and mild soap. Never use solvents or harsh chemicals. If you need to clean pet stains, white vinegar is a good choice because it neutralizes the bad odor and helps with cleaning. Always avoid harsh chemicals when cleaning cowhide. It’s also better not to use steam cleaners.

You can also clean your cowhide rug using a mixture of water and mild soap. Make sure you don’t soak the rug too much. Using a soft sponge is a great idea so that it doesn’t get too wet. You should also avoid using dry cleaning chemicals on your cowhide rug. You can also use two glasses of water mixed with one tablespoon of white vinegar to remove the stain.

Avoiding high-traffic areas

While cowhide rugs are designed to be durable, the location you place them will affect how often they need to be cleaned. Although cowhides can be used anywhere, in high-traffic areas, displaying them in a sunny room will cause the hair to fade faster. Even natural cowhide will fade if exposed to direct sunlight. Here are some tips to keep your cowhide looking its best.

Treating stains with a cowhide rug

While removing stains from a cowhide rug can be challenging, the good news is that treating stains with a mild solution is quite simple. Blotting spills with a dry cloth will help to minimize the stain and prepare the fiber for cleaning. The same principle applies to food stains. Use a butter knife or brush to remove them, working in the direction of the fibers. A mixture of diluted white vinegar in the water will work well on stains and will help to balance the pH level and remove any foul odors. A solution of 1% vinegar and 95% water can be used to remove stubborn stains, while Eucalyptus oil can be used for heavy stains.

You should always treat stains on a cowhide rug as soon as you notice them. However, it is best to do so immediately after they occur. A spot sponge will help to remove the excess liquid. Make sure to rinse the spot thoroughly after applying the solution. If the stain is too difficult to remove with a wet sponge, try steam cleaning instead. Remember to rinse with warm water after cleaning to prevent further damage.

Avoiding liquid stains

To clean your cowhide rug properly, avoid spilling any liquids on it. Always use a paper towel to absorb spills. Avoid rubbing as it will spread the stain. Instead, scrape it away using a blunt knife. If the stain is too tough to remove, use a sponge or damp cloth with soapy water. Scrub it gently in any direction, but don’t make it too saturated with water.

Upon discovering a spill, take action immediately. Apply a mild cleaning solution to the affected area. Then, place it outside in the sun to dry completely. After a while, you can clean it with a dry cloth. Don’t use any chemicals, since these may damage the rug’s surface and cause it to fall apart. If you are unsure of what kind of cleaning solution you need, consult a professional.

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