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How to Clean and Dust Whole Rustic Natural Wood Furniture

There are a number of ways to clean and maintain rustic wood furniture. Whether your furniture is made from pine, cedar, or birch, these steps should be followed for the best results. Weigh the cost of harsh chemicals and apply a light layer of linseed oil to the surface of your furniture. Avoid using harsh chemicals and use a microfiber cloth to wipe the surface clean.

Cleaning with a microfiber cloth

There are a number of ways to clean your whole rustic natural wood furniture with a microfiber cloth. These methods range from general cleaning with water and an all-purpose cleaner to the use of microfiber towels to remove dust and dirt from wood surfaces. However, if you’d like to avoid water and chemical sprays, it’s best to buy a multi-purpose cloth and use it whenever possible. A microfiber cloth is specifically designed to trap dust and other small particles, which means you can use it whenever you need it.

Using linseed oil

Linseed oil can be applied to a variety of wood surfaces, including whole rustic natural wood furniture. The most popular oil is boiled linseed oil. This type of oil has many benefits, including its lustrous finish. Generally, it needs to be applied in several coats over a few weeks, allowing 24 hours between each coat. Once applied, linseed oil creates a deep, rich finish that accentuates the wood grain and color. Afterward, a finish coat of wax will make the wood look like it was professionally finished.

Avoiding harsh chemicals

While wood products are extremely durable, you should be careful about using harsh chemicals to clean them. While vinegar may be tempting, it can damage the finish. If you must use a cleaner, dilute it with olive oil or dishwashing soap. Avoid using ammonia-based cleaning solutions or multipurpose cleaners on wood. These products will strip the finish and may cause scarring. When choosing a cleaning solution, use a soft cloth and avoid harsh chemicals.

Applying wax

To restore a piece of rustic natural wood furniture, you should clean it first. You can use a cleaning solution, such as Murphy Oil Soap Wood Cleaner, which is available at most hardware stores for about $4. Then, use steel wool dipped in a cleaning solution to rub off any remaining dirt. Cleaners that are milky in appearance are effective at removing oil and solvent-based residues. Using boiled linseed oil, white vinegar, or turpentine can darken the wood and attract dust. Finally, apply a clear paste wax to the surface.

Cleaning with Bora-Care

The use of Bora-Care is a proven way to keep your wooden furniture free of dust and other harmful chemicals. This product is composed of natural borate salt, a patented mixture of glycol-based components, and the mineral disodium octaborate tetrahydrate. Borates are found in many products inside and outside of your home and in nature, as they are found in vegetables.

Polishing with linseed oil

When it comes to polishing whole rustic natural wood furniture, the process involves several stages. First, you must remove any previous paint from the wood. Next, sand and dust the wood. Then, apply several coats of linseed oil. Finishing the piece with hand polishing will enhance the satin sheen and smooth the texture. Afterward, the piece should be maintained with linseed oil at least once a year. You can repair superficial scratches on the surface of the wood by applying a small amount of oil locally.

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