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How to Choose Beach Sparkle Paint

When choosing a paint color, a beachy ambiance is key. Often, this means using cool, calm ocean shades. Listed from largest lid to smallest, paint colors are in ascending order of lid size. For instance, if you purchase a paint bucket in the shade of the largest lid, you will receive a top lid of the same color as the bottom one. To choose the appropriate color, hang a paint sample from a wall that is lit by natural light.


DecoArt SoSoft Fabric Glitter Paint is a two-ounce, non-toxic, water-based acrylic that adheres to all textiles and never peels, cracks or hardens. Available in 72 vibrant colors, this paint is permanent, durable, and requires one to two coats for full coverage. Choose from a variety of metallic options to match the rest of your room’s décor.

SoSoft Paint is ideal for adding detail to quilts and is non-abrasive, preventing gumming up your needles when sewing. Apply SoSoft over Transparent Medium and use the wet-on-wet technique to achieve desired results. Use a corner-loading brush to apply light, medium, and dark color values. This technique will prevent paint buildup around edges and reduce shading. The heavier the paint, the more washings it takes to become soft and wear-resistant.

Blue with gray undertones

If you’re thinking about painting your bedroom or bathroom walls, blue with gray undertones is a popular choice. Both blue and gray have calming effects, and they look sophisticated compared to traditional shades of blue. This color is also calming, and it works well in most rooms – not just bedrooms! Consider whether you want the room to look cool and spacious, or warmer and cozier. Below, we’ll explore the pros and cons of blue with gray undertones and some other paint colors that will work in a room.

If you’re trying to find a blue with gray undertones that complement your room, you may want to start with Daphne, a deep charcoal gray with a true blue undertone. It will be versatile on many surfaces, from furniture to cabinets. Granite Peak is a bluish-gray with icy undertones, but it feels bluer in certain rooms. If you’re painting furniture, choose a blue-gray that matches your room’s furniture and walls.

Green with gray undertones

A gray fabric has a green or blue undertone. A green undertone will be more noticeable on dark-colored furniture than on light-colored fabrics. The first step in choosing a gray fabric is to find a sample of the color. In this case, try to find a light-colored fabric. If you are unsure of its color, use a color swatch to find out which one is best for your home.

Another popular green paint color is green with gray undertones. This color has a warm undertone and may look green depending on the light source. You may prefer a shade of gray without any green undertones. If you are unsure of what color you want to use, consider swatching the paint before purchasing it. If you do not notice the undertone, it’s probably a safe choice.

Green with cranberry undertones

A bright, vivacious color, green with cranberry undertones is a perfect choice for furnishing your home. This shade is well suited for furniture and accessories, and pairs well with neutrals, like navy. Its warm undertones make it a versatile choice for any season, as it looks fresh in the spring and cozy in the fall and winter. If you’re not sure how to use cranberry in your home, here’s how.

When choosing a cranberry-inspired color scheme, keep in mind that a deeper shade is needed. This shade can be elevated with gold accessories to achieve a more classic look. A pale grey-green is also a great accent color that works all year round. Good Homes magazine has chosen the best cranberry-themed furniture and decor ideas, including paint swatches and home décor products. A beautiful cranberry-toned wall lamp by the Danish brand Ebb & Flow is an excellent place to start.

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