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How to Care For Rustic Furniture

Rustic furniture can be reclaimed from old structures or collected from forest deadfall. Each piece has its own history and is crafted by an artisan. Whether it’s an antique table, bench, or chair, reclaimed wood will need regular care and maintenance to retain its structural integrity. Here are some tips to care for rustic furniture:

Polishing your table once a year

You should polish your table once a year to preserve its natural beauty. If you have varnished or painted wood, this task will only take a few hours once a year, and the polish protects the wood underneath. But if you prefer a glossy finish, you should apply hard carnauba wax. To keep your table looking its best, you should dust it regularly and clean it with a mild soap solution.

You can also use a wax stick. These thick, hard sticks of wax come in a variety of colors. Use one of these on deeper gouges and chips. This method will fill in the voids and blend in with your table’s wood grain. It will also provide some protection against scratches and stains. But remember to avoid polishing live edge wood tables, as they are more sensitive to heat.

Avoid leaving your table in direct sunlight

If you have a dining table, you’ve probably heard that you should avoid leaving it in direct sunlight. The heat from the sun can cause wood to split or crack, which will leave the tabletop looking stained and discolored. This staining can be irreversible and depends on the extent of the damage. So, when possible, keep the window coverings closed or close the blinds. If possible, use a shaded tablecloth or place a cloth on top of the table to keep the sun away.

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