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How to Build a Rustic Furniture Dresser

If you’re considering building a rustic furniture dresser for your bedroom, there are several tips you should consider first. This article will provide an overview of the materials, construction, and details to consider. While a rough-hewn dresser may be a bit rustic, it can still have its charm. Learn how to make this beautiful piece. You can also get creative and use your imagination when building rustic furniture. You can even use a kit to make it yourself, but the end result will depend on your personal preferences and your level of woodworking skills.


Rustic furniture dressers are often handmade, and there may be a few minor imperfections and color variations. Because rustic dressers are made of natural materials, they may also include wormwood for an extra rustic appearance. Cracks and chips on this type of furniture are normal and add to the handcrafted beauty of the piece. These are not considered defects, however. However, if you do notice some of these imperfections, it might be a good idea to take them into consideration before you buy.


If you live in a country-style home, you might want to consider a rustic furniture dresser or chest. Not only do these pieces of furniture provide ample storage space, but they also look good enough to use outside of a bedroom. Rustic dressers are typically made from wood that’s been stained in various colors. When shopping for a rustic furniture dresser, look for the number of drawers it has. Do you want large storage spaces or just a few large drawers? There are several dressers to fit your needs.

One type of wood is maple. This wood is both strong and beautiful. Its light reddish brown color has a fine grain that matches the interior decor of many homes. Maple is also inexpensive compared to other types of wood. However, this type of wood can be stained to mimic other woods that are more expensive. You can also opt for walnut, which has straight grain and a distinctive bird’s eye pattern.


A rustic furniture dresser may have slight imperfections and variations in color. Because rustic furniture is made of natural materials, there may be wood that is wormwood-dyed or slightly rusted. The natural cracking and crazing of rustic furniture is a natural process that adds to its handcrafted beauty. This is not considered a defect, but a characteristic that makes it look more authentic. This article outlines the construction process of a rustic dresser.

To start, begin by purchasing a woodworking plan. The free plans from Popular Mechanics are well-written and include lists of the necessary materials, tools, and diagrams. Using these plans, you can build a rustic furniture dresser that has enclosed drawers and a shelf beneath. Once you have your woodworking plan, it will be easier to complete the project. To ensure that you build the dresser to fit your needs, choose a dresser plan with an easy-to-follow layout and a detailed materials list.


A rustic furniture dresser is beautiful and unique, but it may also come with its share of imperfections. Made with natural products such as wood, these items often feature wormwood and slight color variations. However, normal cracking is part of the handcrafted charm of this type of furniture, and it is not considered a defect. Imperfections are actually desirable features that add character to the dresser. They are not enough to make it less valuable, though.

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