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How to Blend Modern and Rustic Furniture

If you’re wondering how to blend modern and rustic furniture, the trick is to layer the materials and use natural fabrics whenever possible. Straight lines and refined styling are also key, as a plant. These elements will add a touch of magic to your decor. Layering materials and textures are one way to achieve this look without compromising on style. Read on to discover how to blend modern and rustic furniture! And don’t forget to experiment!

Natural fabrics work best

To create a harmonious blend of modern and rustic furnishings, layering materials and using natural materials are the best options. Rustic furniture looks best when the materials are natural and do not have any elaborate inlays or embellishments. Rustic furnishings are best paired with wood-burning stoves, and animal hides are a perfect tie-in. A rich oak couch covered in dark natural leather from Southern Motion works especially well in a rustic setting.

Straight lines

When blending modern and rustic furniture, avoid gaudy or overly-fussy pieces. Similarly, if you want a warm, rustic feel, avoid loud and busy items. Instead, use simple, straight-lined pieces, such as a sofa with a tapered thin leg. You can also include modern items with rustic touches, like a metal bed frame or an iron chandelier.

Refined styling

Choosing a balance between modern and rustic styling is essential to achieving a balanced look. Modern rustic furniture emphasizes refined styling while using natural materials like wood. These pieces can add charm and warmth to a room. These pieces should be added sparingly to avoid overpowering the room. In addition, neutral colors are a must, and you should consider contrasting darker furnishings with lighter furniture. Lastly, large cushions should be used to prevent monotony.


Blending modern and rustic furniture is a classic style that merges elements of both styles. Adding plants is an easy way to achieve this look. While plants are beautiful, faux greenery is just as effective. It adds a cozy softness to a room. You can also incorporate faux plants in your homes, such as succulents and ferns. These natural accents are easy to incorporate into your decor and can really add to the overall look of your room.


Mixing rustic and modern pieces together is possible. You’ll need to put your preconceived notions aside and believe that there’s a way to bridge the two. You can also mix different textures to give your room a unique look. Here are a few ideas for a cohesive look. Try these combinations:

Color scheme

If you want to create an environment that combines the best of modern and rustic-style furniture, then you’ll need to know how to blend their respective colors. Rustic-style furniture and interiors typically look best in a neutral color scheme, such as greige (a blend of grey and beige). The same principle applies to your upholstery: muted and earthy colors will work just fine in rustic settings.

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