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How to Avoid Smiling on Navajo Frame Rugs

You can avoid fading Navajo rugs by keeping them away from bright sunlight. Although this method won’t completely stop the fading process, it will ensure a uniform and even distribution of color. You should also vacuum the rugs regularly to prevent moth activity. Bright light can damage the rug’s fabric and ruin its colors. Direct sunlight also damages rugs made of cotton or silk.

Irene’s rugs reflect her natural landscape

The woven rugs of Irene’s family are an extension of her cultural heritage. Irene is a weaver who learned traditional weaving techniques by studying the elders who came before her. She carefully prepares the materials and uses plants for dyes and weaves while listening to Navajo weaving songs. Irene finishes each rug by hand, never leaving the loom without a completed rug.

Irene’s mother was known for a particular design she used in her Crystal rugs. The design incorporated two inverted triangles, with a square in the center. This would please algebra teachers. Another pattern found in Irene’s Crystal rugs was the tsiiyeel, a hair bun that Navajo women wear in their hair. Irene’s mother continued to weave this design even after her mother passed away.

Roxanne’s tapestry won first place in the Burntwater Style division at the Santa Fe Indian Market

The Santa Fe Indian Market was founded in 1921 as a row of Pueblo artists outside the Palace of Governors. Today, the market boasts 1200-1300 Native American artists, many of whom are family members. The Santa Fe Indian Market is organized by the Southwest Association of Indian Arts and this year, it is celebrating its 96th anniversary.

Born on the Wind River Indian Reservation, Roxanne Swentzell trained in the tradition of her family. Her parents were potters and sculptors. After graduating from high school, she went on to study art at the Institute of American Indian Arts and the Portland Museum Art School. She apprenticed with Michael Naranjo, a famous sculptor. When her children were young, she helped her mother work with clay and became involved in many community projects.

Anthony Slattery’s rugs were frayed

Several years ago, a homeless man found a Navajo frame rug displayed in a thrift store. He bought it with the help of Marie Kisling, a tattoo parlor owner who lives in Lincoln, Nebraska. A few years later, Slattery and Kisling bought two more. Then they took the rug to an Iranian rug restorer and found the right place to restore it. Shafaian’s family owns a carpet warehouse in Tehran and lives in Lincoln, Nebraska.

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