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How To Atop Moth Larvae From Eating Navajo Rugs

In order to keep moth larvae from eating your Navajo rug, you must protect it from moisture. While storing rugs, keep them in a dry, airy room away from moisture. You can also try using mothballs. Mothballs can be effective, but they can also damage lanolin content. Cedar Sense rings are excellent repellents.

Navajo rugs are tastier to moth larvae

A Navajo rug may seem like a delicious treat to a person’s nose. The truth is, that moth larvae prefer certain parts of the rug. Moth larvae feed on the colors and patterns but avoid the other areas. Here are a few tips for keeping your rugs in pristine condition. Hopefully, these tips will keep your rugs pest-free.

First, check for sand-like particles in the pile. This is excreted by the larvae. The larvae can be active for two to 30 months before dying and forming a cocoon, which is slightly larger than a larva. Interestingly, a cocoon looks like a sand cloud and is camouflaged to match the wool. The cocoon only lasts about a week before hatching.

Navajo rugs should be stored in an area free from moisture

If you’re planning on storing your Navajo rug for an extended period, you should clean it thoroughly and mothproof it. Moths and beetles are attracted to rugs that sit under furniture. In addition, rugs that hang from the wall are especially susceptible to infestation. Additionally, rooms that are actively used by people are breeding grounds for a variety of other destructive insects such as silverfish, cockroaches, and crickets.

If you’re concerned that moths aren’t damaging your rugs, it’s best to store them away from the walls and off the floor. While cedar-lined closets may offer some protection, you shouldn’t rely on them for complete protection. While using bay leaves, pepper, and newsprint to prevent moths may keep the pests away, they may not completely keep them out.

Cedar Sense rings repel moths

The scent of cedar is enough to prevent moths from destroying your Navajo Rugs, but it doesn’t work the same way everywhere. Cedar Sense rings are designed to be discreet enough to tuck into your pocket or hang from a clothes hanger. Cedar-scented sprays are another option. They can be sprayed on clothing hangers, closets, or anywhere that moths are known to frequent.

Other natural methods include sprinkling your home with essential oils such as rosemary and lavender. While they are very effective in repelling moths, be aware that these aromas will stay in the air for a longer time. You should use these solutions sparingly, as they are acidic and might be offensive to moths. In addition to cedar, there are essential oils that work effectively to keep moths from invading your home.

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