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How to Arrange Coastal Home Decor

If you are thinking about refreshing your home this spring, consider using coastal decor. Whether you love the beach or just want to have a refreshing and bright space, there are many ways to incorporate a coastal theme. You can add beach-themed accents without breaking the bank. Read on for some simple tips to help you refresh your home without breaking the bank. These are affiliate links. Please note that I earn a small commission if you click through to purchase any of these products.

Natural materials mimic nature through the sea

Coastal decor is often awash with natural materials that are both beautiful and functional. These materials have a strong Material Connection with Nature’s patterns, which explores how natural materials can mimic or evoke a sense of place. They are warm, authentic, and often tactile. While there is limited scientific documentation on how natural materials affect our health, many factors support this design pattern, including its visual, physical, and cognitive effects.

Natural woven materials mimic nature through the sea

For a more rustic feel, try using natural woven materials for your coastal decor. Seagrass, jute, and sisal are great options that mimic the look and feel of nature by the sea. Natural woven materials are durable, absorbing less dust and moisture than other types of rugs, and they fit in well with coastal decor. You can also add greenery to connect the indoors and the outdoors. A palm frond or a leafy banana plant adds a tropical feel.

Natural wood

Adding natural wood tones to your decor is a great way to add a sense of beach living to your home. Natural wood furniture and accents are often on top of lists of summer decor trends. Whether you’re decorating a beach cottage or a modern apartment, these tones will add an easy-to-replicate beach vibe to your home. Decorative accents and repurposed driftwood are great ways to use wood in your decor.

Driftwood is a great addition to coastal decor

Driftwood is a beautiful material that has a variety of uses, and it can be found in many forms. Driftwood can be used as a centerpiece or as a succulent planter, and it can be found in many different styles and sizes. For a more DIY approach, try making a driftwood garland or a driftwood candelabra. For easy instructions, visit the hunker and city farmhouse.

Adding a feature wall

Adding a feature wall to coastal decor can be as simple as painting one of the walls in a lighter color. Coastal wall art can also be used to create a sense of place in a room. A coastal modern gallery wall can include mixed and matched pieces to create a cohesive look. Coastal modern wall art can be a great way to add beachy style to any room. Coastal decor is generally very modern, so you don’t have to stick to traditional seashore décor and anchors to achieve an ocean look.

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