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How To Appraise Navajo Rugs

How To Appraise a Navajo rug will depend on its age and condition. A newer rug will look newer, but an older one will likely show signs of insect damage. Inspect the rug for active infestations before purchasing it. In older rugs, you may wish to repair or preserve the damaged textiles before reselling them. Traditional Navajos believe textiles have a life of their own.

Navajo rugs are 100% wool

Native Americans have been weaving rugs for thousands of years, and their work tells a story. Their weavings reflect their beliefs, their life, and their encounter with a rapidly changing world. They tell the story of the struggle against subjugation and conformity to society, and they tell the story of their emergence into a world of commerciality. Today, Navajo rugs adorn homes around the globe. In traditional times, they primarily woven blankets to wear, but they accidentally got involved in home decorating by accident.

They are woven on a horizontal loom

Navajo Rugs are woven in a traditional method using a horizontal loom, and many of them are incredibly durable. The weaving process is time-consuming, and a Navajo rug isn’t just a beautiful piece of artwork; it’s a part of a people’s way of life. This type of weaving has been around for hundreds of years and is still used today.

They are heirloom investments

Whether you want a rug for your home or a special piece to decorate your living room, Navajo rugs are heirloom investments. These rugs are made of 100% native sheep wool, and never synthetics. The natural colors of black, brown, and white are carded together to form a variety of colors. Black wool may be dyed with synthetics or natural colors. The quality of the finished textile depends on the fineness of the spun yarn.

They are popular in Arizona

Navajo rugs are a unique and highly sought-after item. They are crafted by a group of Navajo weavers and are incredibly beautiful. These rugs represent a unique culture that migrated to the southwest from Canada in the 15th century. Because of their rich history, Navajo rugs have been highly sought-after for centuries. If you’re in the market for a new rug for your home, a Navajo rug may be the perfect addition.

They are highly-prized

Navajo Rugs were traditionally made from hand-spun wool, and the traditional motifs and patterns were later influenced by white traders. Traders brought more money and demand for the finished product. In turn, the weavers developed more intricate patterns. Eventually, Navajo rugs were worth thousands of dollars. But how did Navajo weaving come to be so highly prized?

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