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How To Apply Transfers To Hand Painted Beach Tables And Chairs – A Guide to DIY Furniture Painting

How To Apply Transfers to Hand Painted Beach Tables and Chairs – A Guide to DIY Furniture Painting

Decor Transfers are easy-to-use rub-on transfers

If you are planning to add a new color to your hand-painted beach furniture, you can easily apply a new pattern with a few simple steps. First, you will need to prepare your surface with a smooth and even surface. Use a wooden stick to make good contact with the paint. If your surface is rough, it may be necessary to sand it down. Then, apply for your transfer on the surface, avoiding any sharp edges or rough areas. You can also add a topcoat on painted surfaces to protect the transfer. We recommend the Dixie Belle satin topcoat.

Cream Wax is a top coat

Applied to a hand-painted beach chair, cream wax adds a luxurious shine and protects the paint from wear. This high-quality wax is derived from carnauba, a natural material harder than concrete. Carnauba is a type of resin found only on the leaves of a palm tree in northeastern Brazil. To create this finish, carnauba is melted and mixed with other solvents, including beeswax and turpentine. Once cured, the carnauba wax becomes extremely hard and durable.

Chalky paint is a base coat

The basic principle of chalk paint is that it is a slightly chalky base coat. After applying for the transfer, you can use the same technique for painting over the chalky paint. The process is quite easy. All you need is some water and lint-free clothes. Apply the wax in the same direction as the paint was applied. Buff the wax well to make it adhere to the furniture. Then, use a lint-free cloth to wipe off the excess wax.

ReDesign with Prima Transfers

ReDesign with Prima Transfers for hand-painted wicker furniture is an affordable way to update your handcrafted beach furniture. These furniture transfers come in a variety of designs and patterns and are easy to apply with masking tape. Remove the white backing sheet first. Then, place the transfer over the desired piece. To avoid lifting, use a small knife to push the design into the cracks. After the transfer has adhered to the furniture, rub the edges with the plastic or wooden stick provided.

Adding transfer to any flat surface

Once you’ve wiped down your furniture with a sponge or paper towel, you can begin the process of applying for the transfer. Firstly, remove the white backing sheet from the transfer. Peel back the release paper one to two inches. Next, slowly peel back the plastic film. If you’re working with a large transfer, you can carefully rub the backing paper off in one direction. Next, gently place the transfer over the desired area.

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