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How to Add Rustic Decor to a Long, Narrow Wall

If you are unsure of how to add rustic decor to a long, narrow wall, here are some ideas to help you decide. These include Floating shelves, Boxwood garlands, Corner shelves, and Mirrors. For more tips, read on! Also, don’t be afraid to mix and match! You can use any one of these ideas to add your rustic touch to any long wall.


If you’ve got a long wall in your living room, adding a few mirrors will help you tie in your decor theme. Mirrors are an excellent way to add light, color, and liveliness. A large mirror, especially one with an artisanal frame, is a great way to bring natural elements into your decor. Mirrors with raffia-like accents will emphasize your boho decor theme while blending in with the rest of the room’s decor.

Floating shelves

Floating shelves are great for long walls because they give the illusion that the wall has been built-in. The wood color of the shelves gives a cohesive look to the wall, while neutral paint colors balance out the bedding and other accessories. Incorporating a plaid rug or a few framed photos adds a personal touch to the space. This look works especially well in the living room, where the open wall over the sofa creates a dramatic focal point.

Boxwood garlands

Try hanging boxwood garlands over your windows or stair railing for a holiday accent. These accents are rustic yet elegant and will add a finishing touch to any decor scheme. Whether it’s the boxwoods you use as garlands or preserved boxwood clippings, they will make a dramatic statement. Using a large tree is an expensive project, but a boxwood garland is easy to make yourself for less than $5.

Corner shelves

Adding a shabby-chic feel to a long wall can be achieved by placing some beautiful accents. Wooden shelves look fantastic against a white background and will add character to your space. Besides, you can also display other items on them, such as dried flowers. These accents are typically unassembled so you can place them in whatever position you like. If you want to create a more rustic look, try using pipes and rustic-looking shelves.

Wood beams

You can frame a room with the addition of reclaimed wood beams. These beams can add rustic charm and beauty to any room. In addition to their rustic appearance, they also add architectural charm to the room. If you’re uncomfortable installing real beams, you can make faux ones with inexpensive whitewood boards, wood glue, and nails. You can even stain the faux beams to give them the look of reclaimed wood.

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