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How to Add Color With Decor in a Rustic Living Room

If you’re wondering how to add color to the decor in a rustic living room, consider this: Natural textures, Earthy colors, and Farmhouse elements are all great ways to make your rustic living room pop. Just make sure you’re staying away from too many colors. In addition, avoid large sofas. They crowd a small space and take up potential storage space. Make sure there’s enough seating for residents and guests alike, and leave extra space for snacks and drinks.

Natural textures

Incorporate rustic elements into your living room decor for a truly unique look. Natural textures, earth tones, and neutral colors are common elements of the rustic style. Natural textures, such as wood grain furniture and jute, can create a comfortable, rustic feel in your room. To complete the look, add pieces like a rustic area rug with an ornate pattern. The result is a stylish, rustic space that you’ll be proud to show off to family and friends.

A variety of plants add color and texture to your rustic living room decor. Cacti, ferns, and other plant life provide a touch of elegance while bringing greenery into your home. Choose plants with little or no blooms, which require less maintenance. If you’re not into caring for flowers, use simple plants without flowers, such as cacti or potted plants. Bright-colored flowers can add vibrant color to the room and make the decor pop.

Earthy colors

When choosing paint colors for your rustic living room, consider using hues from the Hues of Halloween color palette. This palette is full of oranges and greens with a hint of brown. This color scheme is great for those who want to make their living room seem more like a forest. But if you want a more sophisticated look, choose one of the many other earthy colors. Sherwin-Williams is a great source for these shades.

If you can find a room with a low ceiling, consider installing or exposing rustic beams. While these beams traditionally have been hefty roughhewn types, they are becoming more common in lighter natural colors. Similarly, you may not want to opt for high ceilings in your rustic living room. Instead, muted tones evoke earthiness and will go well with the theme of the room.

Natural elements

Rustic living room decor incorporates earthy tones and natural textures. You can achieve this style by choosing neutral shades of wood and stone. Natural elements, like jute, will add color and texture to your living room. You can also use a cowhide area rug. The combination of colors will create a harmonious, cozy feel. A large area rug with an ornate pattern will tie your decor together.

Adding a gallery wall of nature-inspired artwork is a popular home decorating trend. For a rustic aesthetic, distressed wood is a safe bet. Printing a sentimental poem on quality paper is a sentimental touch for the room. You can also include modern wire elements. Keep your gallery wall simple and uncomplicated by using neutral colors. Choose pieces in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Farmhouse decor

Farmhouse style is all about neutral colors. You can easily add a few pops of color with a distressed dresser. Add a touch of modern style by adding iron handles. A gallery wall is also a great way to display favorite things. White pillows will complement the farmhouse look, as well as giant throw pillows. Adding an accent wall will complete the look. You can also add colorful accessories to the room, such as handcrafted baskets.

In a rustic living room, you can add pops of color with a few decorative accents. A couple of distressed wall vases will instantly add a farmhouse vibe. Flowers do not have to be arranged in a vase – you can use dried blooms to create an accent wall. The rustic decor also emphasizes wood accessories. Wooden games look adorable on coffee tables and are perfect for adding rustic charm to a room.

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