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How Much Leather Is in a Cow Hide?

Have trouble deciding how much leather to buy for your next project? Read on to learn the typical cowhide size, price, and value. Here is a simple calculator to help you determine the amount of leather you need from a cowhide. The average cowhide can be used to make about 18 pairs of shoes, so you’ll need to get about 30 hides to make just one pair of shoes. In the U.S. alone, leather shoes account for about 25% of all footwear sold, which equals about 30 million hides.

Typical cowhide

In addition to being a natural product, how much leather is in a cowhide? Hides are typically around 48-to-50 square feet in size. Each hide is different, but the dimensions listed are an industry standard. One square foot of leather is equal to about 18 linear feet of fabric. Keep in mind that there is always a certain amount of waste. The exact amount of leather in a cowhide varies, and each hide will have some flaws.

Size of a cowhide

You may be wondering about the size of a cowhide before you purchase one. A typical hide is approximately six feet long by four feet wide. However, every hide is different. Because leather is a natural product, cowhides do not come in rolls. They are each unique in size, shape, and color. You will likely find that your hide is different in size from the one you purchased. Here are some helpful tips:

Value of a cowhide

Globally, the value of cowhide has been on a mini-recovery since COVID in late October. The market hit its lowest point last year and has since mounted a mini-recovery. Some hides have a value three to four times higher than they were last year at this time. The price spike began around Chinese New Year in February and picked up speed through May. It has since leveled off after some lull, as recent demand from China has diminished.

Cost of a cowhide

While prices of cattle hides have remained stable in recent years, their value has declined significantly in the last seven years, thanks to a disease called COVID. This disease drove the market to unprecedented depths, with some Australian hides dropping to as low as US$8 per cwt, while lesser-quality hides were thrown into landfill or rendered. Even some beef processing companies had to pay freight on salted hides at a loss.

Value of tongue

Depending on its grade, tongue leather from cow hides can fetch high prices. While tongue leather is an excellent product to use in upholstery, it is often used for clothing. Its sturdiness and durability make it a desirable choice for luxury products. However, the leather’s value is highly dependent on the market. The market for cow hides is shaky as the COVID-19 pandemic has injected unprecedented uncertainty into U.S. cattle markets and exacerbated problems faced by the animal by-products industry. It has a disproportionate impact on the U.S. hide and leather industry, which is already facing difficulties relating to weak global demand and lower prices.

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