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How Much Is Cow Hide Worth in Runescape?

If you’re curious about how much your cowhides are worth, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve gathered up the best places to gather cowhide, ranging from pastures in Lumbridge to those north of the Ardougne market. If you want to gather more cowhides, try the pastures south of Falador, as these are closer to the bank. Cowhide can be crafted into leather with a needle and thread, granting you Crafting experience.


How much is 2GP/Cowhide worth in Runescape? There are many ways to increase your cowhide, but the easiest way is to tan it yourself. You can tan cowhide to make hard leather, which sells for 123GP per pound, and you can also tan cowhide to make soft leather, which sells for 125GP per pound. Find a tanner near Al Kharid bank, or in the Beefy Bill area of Varrock’s west bank.

Drop credit value

The drop credit value of cow hides in Runescape has decreased drastically since April 2019. Originally, they comprised 50% of the total by-product value. Today, they represent only about fifteen percent of the total animal value. This is one of the lowest proportions ever recorded. The following table provides a list of known sources and the credit value of each hide in Runescape. This article will discuss how to obtain each hide and where to sell it.

Cost to tan

In the free-to-play version, tanners produce soft leather, which is a reasonable demand for crafting materials. However, this soft leather must be tanned first before crafting is possible. Hence, the cost of tanners can sometimes be quite expensive. Still, this process can be very profitable at certain times. Here’s how to get a decent price for tanners in Runescape.

When tanned, cowhides cost 113 gold each. It costs around 95-120 gold for a full inventory, and it takes approximately two to three minutes. You will need to have a sufficient amount of gold to start tanner Ellis’s business. Ideally, you’ll have at least 50K gold to start. Alternatively, you can use your Chain ability to kill more cows.

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