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How Many QP Do You Need to Sell Cowhide in The Elder Scrolls Online

Cowhides are the raw, unbleached skin and hair of a cow, retaining the animal’s natural coloring. These products of the food industry are often processed into leather. To tan cowhides for leather, you must have at least 27 cowhides, 81 coins, and 100 total levels. You can sell cowhides to a tanner named Ellis in the tannery. In order to tan cowhides, you must gather 81 coins and run for 25 seconds while walking or running, and spend 45 seconds rest.


If you want to make a decent profit in the game, you should learn how to sell cowhides for a 10QP. Cowhide is the natural unbleached skin and hair of a cow. It contains all the natural colors of the animal and is a byproduct of the food industry. This type of hiding is often processed into leather. To sell cowhides, players must first visit the tanner Ellis and buy 27 cowhides. For that, players need 81 coins, and they must run or walk for twenty-five seconds.

Unlike other methods of muling, this method requires you to have at least 20 hours on your account, 100 levels total, and at least 10 QP. This method is great for people who are trying to sell gold but need to avoid the hassle of dealing with trade restrictions. Using a ruling also brings a risk of theft, as other players may steal your items. But it is important to remember that not everyone runs a farm. There are some players who simply need to get around the trade restriction for some reason.


How many qp do you need to start selling cowhides in The Elder Scrolls Online? Cowhide is the natural unbleached skin and hair of cows that retains the original coloring. It is a byproduct of the meat industry, from cattle which are commonly processed into leather. In total, a cowhide can make up to 81 coins and 144 baseballs. One cowhide can also be turned into a soccer ball, basketball, or volleyball.

Cowhides have become an unloved byproduct of beef production, and more people are switching to synthetic alternatives for leather. Once the staple of American closets, cowhides are no longer coveted as a material for clothing and accessories. As a result, prices have plummeted, rendering many cowhides worthless. And since cowhides are lower quality than steer hides, they are worth less than tongues, cheek meat, and a live cow.

100 total level

Cowhides are the natural unbleached skin and hair of cows. These hides are extremely valuable because they retain the original color of the animal. Often used in the food industry, cowhides are processed into soft leather. To sell these hides, players need to find a tanner in Al Kharid. Tanner Ellis can be found in Al Kharid and is a useful skill to learn as it increases the price of cowhides by 4030 coins. However, this method is time-consuming and you should be prepared to spend a considerable amount of time doing this.

Tanning cowhides is another low-requirement money maker that is available for Free to Play players. You can convert cowhide into hard and soft leather by visiting a tanner in Al Kharid. Tanning cowhide can earn you around 40 coins per cowhide. A full hour’s work will generate at least 60 000 coins. Cowhides can be sold for a profit of about 100 coins.

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