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How Many Footballs Can Be Made From The Hiding of One Cow?

Many animal lovers have been curious about how many NFL footballs are produced. Wilson Football, the official NFL ball manufacturer since 1941, won’t confirm the exact number of balls produced in a season, but it has been said that Super Bowl games alone require 216 balls. That means that each team receives 54 footballs for practice and game day. Taking that into account, there are a lot of footballs.


Several companies in the United States manufacture footballs using leather hides from young, lean cows. On average, a cowhide can produce between fifteen and twenty footballs, but some estimates are higher. According to Wilson Sporting Goods, the official NFL supplier, a cowhide can produce up to thirty-five footballs. NFL teams use approximately eleven-thousand footballs each season. There are 450 more footballs used in the playoffs, and 76 are used in the Super Bowl.

Cowhide is a popular material for footballs, but it isn’t the only material used. Pig skin is also used to make cowskin. Cowhide is used to create leather for many other products. While it’s not known exactly how many footballs can be made from cowhide, the NFL uses hundreds of thousands of cows each year to produce the footballs.


According to its website of Wilson, one cow hide can make from 15 to 25 footballs, but the midpoint is closer to twenty. In fact, each hide can make as many as 12 basketballs, 18 volleyballs, and 12 soccer balls. The NFL uses approximately 35,000 cow hides every year to produce regulation footballs. And that’s just one hide! There are other 20-plus footballs made from pig skin, as well as basketballs, soccer balls, and volleyballs.

A cow’s hide can also make up to 18 pairs of baseball gloves. It also produces gelatin, which is used in many cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Even the liver and pancreas can be used to make medicines, and its hair is made into paint brushes. One cowhide can make up to 18 pairs of footballs, as well as six dozen soccer balls, eighteen volleyballs, and 12 basketballs.


How many footballs can be made from a single cow’s hide? According to the Book of Odds, a cow’s hide is enough to produce about 20 footballs, which is not bad considering the amount of leather used to produce a single football. Cows are often used as sources of leather, but nowadays, cowhide isn’t only used to make footballs. The leather is also used to make other things, including basketballs, soccer balls, and volleyballs.

The process of making a football begins on a farm. Cowhides arrive at the Wilson Company in Ada, Ohio, where they are stamped with the “W” of the company and then hand-made by 120 employees. A panel is placed inside a loud machine that presses a foil design onto the leather. The panels are then sewn together by hand, making each football one at a time.

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How many footballs can be made from one cow’s hide? One cow’s hide can produce up to twenty footballs, according to a recent estimate by Wilson Football. Depending on the size of the football, one hide may produce a dozen footballs or twenty. Each hide contains enough material for about 10 footballs, which is plenty for an NFL Super Bowl. The official ball maker for the NFL, Wilson Football, uses about 3,000 cow hides a year.

Cows are used for making leather and pigskin, and the NFL uses a lot of them to produce a single football each year. In addition to the hide, pigskin is also used for making footballs. Approximately three thousand cows are used annually by the NFL alone. In addition, Wilson manufactures over three thousand footballs a year. But how many footballs can one cowhide make?

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