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How Many Cowhides Does the NFL Use for a Year’s Supply of Footballs?

How many cowhides does the NFL use to produce a year’s supply of football? This question has been asked by animal lovers, and the answer is more than you might think. Wilson, the official NFL ball-maker since 1941, won’t disclose how many balls it creates for a season. But Wilson did say that the Super Bowl alone requires 216 balls, and each team gets 54 for practice and game day.

NFL needs about 35,000 cowhide for a year’s supply of footballs

According to the NFL’s official supplier, Wilson Sporting Goods, about 35,000 cowhides are needed to make one year’s supply of footballs. One cowhide will make about 20 footballs, and each team needs about fifty-four to sixty footballs for practice and game day. Wilson has been making footballs since 1941, and the company is the largest producer of football in the NFL.

To make the NFL’s footballs, a cowhide can produce fifteen to twenty footballs. The NFL uses approximately 35,000 cowhides every year or about 20 percent of all hides. Many other companies also use leather, including the NFL. Each hide is hand-crafted in a factory with skilled workers. The NFL has been using cowhide footballs for more than 20 years, and the leather quality has improved significantly.

NFL discards seven to 10 balls before the Super Bowl

The NFL reportedly discards seven to ten balls before the Super Bowl, depending on the amount of time left before kickoff. The balls are marked by a referee with a special colored pen to make it easier to distinguish them on the field. Once marked, the balls are in the custody of a crew member during the game. They are disposed of in this way three to four days prior to the game.

Before each contest, NFL officials inspect all balls to rule out anything that would disqualify them from being used. The NFL has estimated that seven to 10 balls are discarded before the Super Bowl. This game has been played on the first Sunday of February every year since 1966 when it replaced the NFL Championship Game. The winner of the game is presented with the Vince Lombardi Trophy, named for the coach who won the first two Super Bowls.

Deflated footballs are inspected by NFL inspectors

Before a game, NFL officials inspect the balls. They have changed their procedures to ensure the balls are of the correct weight and pressure. Referees appoint two members of their crew to check the footballs before the game. If they discover a football with an incorrect PSI level, the ball will be deflated and inflated to meet the proper PSI level of 13 pounds per square inch.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is currently weighing an appeal filed by Tom Brady for cheating during the playoffs, but he has already implemented a new rule governing the footballs that will be used in all games. The new rules will include random testing. The teams have not been notified of the new rule, but it will affect all game balls. Deflated footballs are those that do not have a proper amount of air. The rule is aimed at preventing any football from exploding or deflating.

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