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How Many Cowhides Are Used to Make One Super Bowl Football?

If you have ever wondered how many cowhides are used to make a Super Bowl football, you are not alone. It is an estimated 120 balls are produced just two weeks before the big game, and each one weighs about six pounds. Cowhides, a natural byproduct of the slaughter trade, are soft and pliable. They are also more durable than pigskin. Read on to discover why cowhides are a better choice for football construction.

Cowhides are a natural byproduct of the slaughter trade

NFL footballs are made from cowhide, a natural byproduct of the slaughter trade. A cowhide produces between 15 and 25 footballs. It is estimated that three thousand and fifty cowhides are used in the production of a regulation NFL football. That means one cowhide can produce at least 10 footballs, and that is a staggering number. Approximately three thousand cowhides are harvested each year for the production of a regulation NFL football.

They are more resistant to stretching

Compared to other kinds of leather, cowhides are more durable and less likely to stretch or stain. Cowhides have a very high internal surface area, meaning that one gram of the material has an area of over 300 square meters. This makes it highly resistant to tearing and bending. Various methods are used by shoemakers to soften cowhide. Here are a few of them:

They are made from pigskin

You might have noticed the difference between a regulation and a super bowl football. Although the footballs used in the Super Bowl are traditionally made of cowhide, there are some differences in their constructions. The NFL and college footballs are usually made from cowhide, while recreational and youth footballs are usually made from synthetic material. Super Bowl football is made from handcrafted cowhide leather, which is what gives it its iconic shape and feel.

They are softer and pliable

The process for making a super bowl football begins with a cowhide brought to a factory in Ada, Ohio. Once there, machines stamp it with a bumpy texture. The hide is dyed brown and is then cut into two-dimensional football shapes. After it has been cut, the cowhide is inside-out. The bladder and laces are then inserted.

They are re-tanned

Traditionally, a single cowhide produces ten footballs, although some manufacturers have gone as far as using the entire cow. The football’s design features uneven panels and white laces to help players grip the ball. Dimples were also used in the past, but they did not last long because they were merely dirt traps. These days, the cowhide used to make footballs is cut into four identical panels and sewn together. Then, a hole is punched in the lace and a rubber bladder is inserted into it.

They are made by hand

Each cowhide produces between ten and twenty footballs. The NFL makes each football by hand in the state of Ohio. The company has been in business since 1955 and has a long-standing relationship with the National Football League. The cowhide is a part of the production process because one hide will make ten footballs. Each football has eight laces and a panel with the NFL shield. It is also emblazoned with the signature of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, the company’s logo, and Wellington Mara’s nickname.

They are cured

How many cowhides are cured to produce one super bowl football? Cowhides are the strongest part of the hide and they are easily cured. In the early years, pig bladders were used for the ball. Today, cowhide is used, because it is durable, easy to tan, and has the most natural shape of a football. Cowhide is processed by using chemicals, such as diisocyanate, to make plastic or resin. Pigment resin is used to make paint and string vinyl, while the solvent is used to cure the hide.

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