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How Many Cowhide To Get To 40 Crafting In Runescape

If you’re wondering how to get to level 40 in crafting, you’re not alone. Many people don’t know how to obtain Dragonhide, Yak-hide, or Cowhide armor and tiaras. Fortunately, there are ways to buy bulk cowhides and get to level 40 more quickly. Here’s what you need to know. And, remember: you’ll need more cowhides than you might think.


Cowhides are the easiest and cheapest way to level up in Runescape. They are also much cheaper than flax and silver. However, it is very expensive to use silver at your current level. So, how many cowhides should you buy to get to level 40 crafting? Fortunately, you can buy cowhides in bulk. Then, you can make your leather into tiaras, rings, or other items for your character.

Dragonhide armor

Dragonhide armor is a form of melee and ranging armor that rangers wear. It is made of dragon hide and comes in different colors, which vary in bonus stats. There are three components to dragonhide armor: the body, the vambraces, and the chaps. While dragonhide armor is useful for defensive purposes, it is also highly offensive. Despite being a rare item, dragonhide armor is also useful when attempting to complete a quest.

Yak-hide armor

Yak-hide armor is a type of member-only armor. It can be made from yak hide by the player with the Crafting skill or traded. You will need at least 20 Defence to wear it. Yaks drop the materials for it on the Fremennik Isles, but you can also get it by trading with another player or by completing The Wintertodt quest. Yak-hide armor counts as warm clothing during the Wintertodt.


If you are considering leveling up with crafting, cowhides are the fastest way to achieve that goal. While silver is a quick and economical option, it costs too much for your current level. Buying cowhides in bulk is a better way to level up. Besides, cowhides are cheaper than silver, which can be used to make items like tiaras.

Hard leather

In order to complete the crafting skill, you must first gather enough cowhides. The cows you can kill will drop cowhides, which you can sell at the Grand Exchange located northwest of Varrock. Once you have collected enough cowhides, bank them in Lumbridge’s bank and then proceed to the tannery to turn them into soft leathers. The cost is one gold coin, but the increase in price will be 4030 coins. This method is time-consuming, and you will want to start with at least 50k gold to get started.

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