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How Make Furniture Color Look Rustic

Distressed furniture has become increasingly popular in recent years and combining two styles, milk paint and Antiquing glaze can give your pieces a charming old-world look. The following article explores the process of applying these colors and finishes to your furniture. You’ll find out how to apply both to create a rustic, vintage look that’s perfect for any room. Also included are several tips for getting the most out of distressed furniture.

Distressed furniture

When painting your furniture, there are a few ways to achieve a distressed look without the use of sandpaper. One simple method involves applying a layer of paint on the entire piece and then using a different color as a top coat. You can also use a wet rag to sand off the paint around the hardware or edges. Once the top layer of paint has dried, the piece will look aged and worn.

Milk paint

If you’ve always wanted to paint furniture in a rustic color, milk paint can be the answer! Milk paint comes in powder form, and you can add water to it for mixing. Once mixed, it will look similar to chalky paint, but is usually less expensive. You’ll also need a topcoat of wax to protect the finish. And, of course, it’s important to store any leftover milk paint for a future project.

Antiquing glaze

You can create a rustic appearance for painted furniture by applying an antiqued glaze. It creates a faux discoloration of the entire piece. You can use cheesecloth pads or crumpled newspaper to simulate wood grain. Another option is using plastic wrap and rubbing it on a piece of furniture to give it a scratched or marbled appearance. Once the antiqued finish has been set, you can apply a high-gloss finish to protect your new paint job.

Shabby chic style

When painting your furniture, you can use various techniques to create the distressed look you want. First, you will need to sand off any existing finish on the wood. You can do this with sandpaper or wire wool. After removing the finish, you can use paint and varnish remover to apply a new one. Once the paint is dry, you can proceed to apply the second color. Make sure you do not create patterns since humans are pattern-seekers.


If you’re painting a piece of furniture and want it to have a more rustic look, you may wish to sand it first. While this step isn’t necessary for furniture that already has a paint finish, it is highly recommended. It will ensure that the paint will adhere properly and won’t feel off-putting. After sanding, you should apply a finish coat in the same color as the base coat.

Weathering wood

One of the easiest ways to make furniture look aged and rustic is to weather it. You can do this by hand or by applying a stain or paint. You can use three or four colors to achieve this look. White is the best option to start with for better contrast. Paint sparingly over the furniture and layer it with different colors to create an aged look. Allow it to dry overnight before applying the next coat.

Using a wooden block

Trying to create an aged and rustic look for your furniture? Try distressing the wood with a wooden block. The base color will become the overall color and the distressed bits would be the actual wood. Once the wood is distressed with paint, it can be sanded or painted over. Either way, the results will be beautiful! You can even reclaim old boat wood to get an extra rustic look!

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