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How Long Until I Can Sell Cowhides in Oblivion?

Buying and selling cowhides in the Grand Exchange in the game of Oblivion is not an instant process, but it does require 10 Quest Points, 100 total levels, and 20 hours of playtime. However, there is a quick way to purchase and sell cowhides right away, called tanning. Listed below are the steps to take to sell cowhides.

10 Quest Points

There is a time limit for selling cowhides in OSRS. You cannot sell them on the Grand Exchange until you have accumulated ten quest points, reached 100 total levels, and played 20 hours. However, you can sell them right away by tanning them. Here’s a guide to selling cowhides as fast as possible. Taking this process seriously will make your money go much faster.

Cowhides cost 113-120 gold each, so if you’re looking for a quick way to earn gold fast, consider selling cowhides. Cows always drop bones, which you can use as prayer XP. This method is fast, though you have to complete it every two to three hours to earn a decent profit. You should start with a good amount of gold. Having between fifty to 100K gold is enough to get you started.

100 total level

One of the most popular ways to make money in RuneScape is by killing creatures. This also ties into the Slayer skill for members. Buying and selling hides in the market will help you level your Slayer skill, so killing chickens and cows will be a good way to earn a few extra coins. As long as you can kill them with a weapon, you can sell their feathers for 5-15 GP each. Similarly, you can sell the hides of cows to Rangers, Fishers, and Crafters.

Cowhides are worth 95-120 gold each, depending on the type and color. To make a full inventory of the cowhides, you will need 27 cowhides and 81 coins. To make leather, you will need to spend 25 seconds running and 45 seconds walking. You will need a decent amount of gold in your inventory to start this method. However, this method can be very profitable once you have gained 50K gold.

20 hours of playtime

There are many ways to make money in RuneScape, but the easiest ones are P2P and F2P. This guide will give you tips to make money in OSRS with minimum effort. If you’re wondering, “How can I make gold in RuneScape?”, you’re not alone. Hundreds of players have the same question. Follow this guide to make money in RuneScape and save yourself a lot of time and frustration.

Purchasing a tanner to buy cowhides

Purchasing a tanner to purchase cowhides in Osrunescape requires 7 quest points and 24 hours of playtime. In return, the tanner will give you one gold coin. Once you’ve tanned your cowhide, you can sell it back to the Grand Exchange. You must have enough OSRS gold to purchase it, however.

Once you have collected enough cowhides, you’ll need to take them to the tanner. The fastest one is Ellis, and he costs 81 coins for 27 cowhides and takes 45 seconds to walk between runs. The tanner is capable of tanning up to 2,000 hides per hour without using any energy, so make sure you have a large amount of gold before starting.

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