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How Long Do You Have to Play to Sell Cowhide in World of Warcraft?

You may be wondering how long you have to play to sell cowhides in World of Warcraft. You’ve probably heard that cowhide cannot be sold on the Grand Exchange until you have completed 100 quest points, leveled up to 100, and logged at least 20 hours in the game. That’s not true, of course, because you can sell it immediately after tanning it.

Cowhide rugs are made by hand

If you’ve been considering buying a cowhide rug, here are some things to consider. Buying a cowhide rug is a great way to add a luxurious touch to your home, and the added bonus is that they can last for decades! They are durable enough to withstand heavy foot traffic, and they can even be passed down to future generations. And because cowhides can be easily repaired, you’ll be able to sell them in no time.

They last 7 to 10 years

The Grand Exchange only allows you to sell cowhides when you have ten quest points, 100 total levels, and 20 hours of playtime. You can sell your cowhide sooner if you’ve tanned it yourself. That way, you can start selling immediately. However, before you can sell cowhides at the Grand Exchange, you must have a lot of coins. Here’s how to make more money from cowhides:

They are not treated with PCP

Despite its reputation for being difficult to work with, cowhide is actually very durable and can be used for many years. Cowhide is not a fan of damp conditions. It is best to store it in a dry place that gets plenty of sunshine. Before storing it, cover it with a clean cotton sheet to avoid dirt and dust. It is important to store cowhide in a dry and ventilated area to keep it from getting damaged.

They are not treated with AZO-coloring agents

If you’re trying to sell cowhide without AZO-coloring agents, you’ll have to find a source for the leather. Many of these products are dyed with the banned azo color, Sudan 1. AZO coloring is a chemical that is commonly used in oil, waxes, petrol, and floor polish. Some corrupt food suppliers use this industrial dye to add red color to foods, such as ready-to-eat meals and spices.

They are not treated with nickel

How long do you have to play to sell Cowhides? The Grand Exchange isn’t available until you’ve obtained 100 total levels and have completed 20 hours of play. But if you’ve already tanned the cowhide, you can sell it immediately. But before you can do that, you have to earn 10 quest points and 20 hours of playtime. To make this process faster, you can just walk over to the cowhides.

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