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How Long Do Cowhide Rugs Last?

If you are wondering how long cowhide rugs last, you are not alone. In fact, they can last up to 10 years. But before you invest in one, it is important to understand some basic facts about these rugs. These include the proper fabrication of cowhide rugs, the importance of not letting pets play on them, and how to care for them. Below, we will talk about these topics.

Real cowhide rugs last up to ten years

Whether you’re choosing a new rug for your living room or bedroom, real cowhide rugs can last for up to a decade if cared for properly. To maintain your rug’s beauty, you should avoid exposure to direct sunlight and vacuum it only in the direction of the hair growth. It’s also important to avoid harsh chemicals such as bleach or dry cleaning, as these can damage the material. You can purchase cowhide rugs through online stores like Etsy and CB2.

The most important thing to remember when caring for your cowhide rug is that it should not be vacuumed or spot-treated. Instead, you should shake it outdoors occasionally to remove dust and dirt. This is far less damaging than vacuuming and won’t harm your rug. To clean it properly, you should avoid shaking it too hard or beating it. Always use the proper cleaning products to prevent the appearance of stains or rips.

Pets can damage cowhide rugs

Dogs and children are generally fond of cowhide rugs, but this material can be intimidating to pets. Puppies and other animals may chew on the rug, and the texture can make it slippery. However, if you know how to clean dog urine stains, cowhide rugs can look and feel like new. You can even purchase a rug with a natural texture, which is good for children who tend to slip on a rug.

Cleaning a cowhide rug with a lint-free cloth is important. Light spills can be removed with a wet cloth, going with the grain of the hair. Moreover, you can apply a fabric protector or Scotch Guard to the rug to repel stains and prevent them from soaking into the fibers. Make sure you do not use any specialist leather cleaners, as they can damage cowhide.

Proper fabrication can prevent hair from falling off

If you want your cowhide rug to last for years, you should treat it like a new one. Use hard bristles for cleaning, and vacuum or shake them occasionally. You can also brush the pileup with hard bristles. To care for cowhide rugs, follow the steps above. During the first few days, shake the rug outside to remove excess dust and dirt.

If you are considering using a cowhide rug in your home, it is crucial to follow these tips for proper care. Cowhide rugs are made to withstand high foot traffic. Choosing a rug with a dense pile is essential because cowhide rugs tend to slide. Therefore, you should place it over a carpet that has a higher pile. This will prevent the hair from slipping off.

Care for cowhide rugs

You can easily maintain cowhide rugs by following simple care tips. To start, you should avoid using harsh cleaning chemicals. Even color-safe cleaning agents may damage the surface of your cowhide rug. You should also avoid washing or dry cleaning cowhide rugs. The best way to clean cowhide rugs is to use a soft brush and wipe off excess moisture with a dry towel. If your rug has a stain or a smell, you can use deodorizer powder. To remove the smell, you can sprinkle the powder on the rug and vacuum it up.

If the stain is light, you can clean it with a water-and-shampoo mixture. Always rub the rugs with a soft cloth to avoid soaking the material. Never use dry cleaning chemicals or detergents on cowhide rugs. A mixture of two glasses of water and one tablespoon of white vinegar may help remove a stain. Do not use detergents or specialist leather products on your cowhide rug.

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