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How Large Dimension Cowhide Double Shoulders Are

If you’re interested in purchasing a double-shoulder cowhide belt, there are many things you need to know. First of all, you should know that cowhide double shoulders are brown cowhide. This type of leather is vegetable-tanned and drum dyed. This type of leather is highly durable and trimmed to good yield. Double shoulders are typically 10 to 11 sq. ft. and weigh between eight and nine oz. and 3.2 and 3.6 mm in thickness.


A good cowhide manufacturer will be able to give you a number of options when it comes to the size of your hide. Double shoulders are produced from drum-dyed, top-grain cowhide. As a result, they are naturally durable. Each hide will weigh between 8 and 11 ounces and will measure roughly eight to eleven square feet. They’re also the right size for straps, belts, and bags.


Cowhide double shoulders are brown pieces of leather with drum-dyed finishes. This type of leather is durable and can be used in many applications, from straps and belts to luggage and purses. The size and thickness of a cowhide double shoulder vary from ten to eleven square feet. They are suitable for most types of leather goods, from purses and belts to shoes and bags. If you’re planning to use cowhide for your leather goods, there are several factors to consider.


When buying a double-shoulder cowhide, you’re looking for something sturdy and flexible. This type of cowhide is made from the upper legs and underside of a cow. Because the fibers are loosely packed and thick, this type of hiding is particularly good for belts and saddles. The hide is usually about half the width of the cow’s body. In general, the neck area has more blemishes than the rest of the hide, but the bend may have the same tensile strength as the rest of the hide.

Size of double shoulders

The double shoulder is an unfinished piece of cowhide that’s great for craftsmen. This hide is usually brown in color and has natural characteristics, such as streaks and blemishes, that add to its natural beauty and durability. A typical double shoulder weighs between four and five ounces and is perfect for making small leather goods like purses and belts. Because it’s unfinished, each piece is irregularly shaped, ranging from eight to eleven square feet.


Double shoulders are the front and back halves of cowhide, and the front half is called the double shoulder by tanners. One shoulder is equal to the other two, and a piece of double-shoulder leather costs from four to eleven dollars per square foot. However, not all double-shoulder leather is the same, and prices for a single piece may vary dramatically. In most cases, the double shoulder piece is around 12 to 17 square feet.

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