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How Indians Tortured Victims by Rolling Them Up In Cow Hide

Ever wonder how Native Americans tortured their victims by rolling them up in fresh cowhide? The Comanche were notorious for sun roasting their victims, torture that involved encasing their victims in freshly killed cowhide. In the early days of their civilization, this form of torture was not uncommon. In fact, it was even common among the Zulu and Apache tribes.

Apache torture techniques

The use of fresh cowhide as a torture medium was widespread among the Apache tribe. This method rolled up the victim and cooked it, which wasn’t as violent as other Apache torture methods. The Comanche used similar methods of punishment and even roasted a victim in the sun. This method is also known as “sun roasting.”

Comanche torture techniques

Many people think that Comanche’s torture methods consisted of ripping out their hearts and tearing their heads off. But these brutal tactics were used against the white settlers, including gang rapes, torture, and killings. In fact, the Comanche women were the primary perpetrators of this practice. Many Comanche leaders were also executed. The film depicts the violent Comanche treatment of their captives.

To make matters worse, Comanche torture included roasting their captive soldiers over open fires, cutting off their tongues, and mutilating their bodies. In addition to this, Comanche torture techniques included burning their victims’ hands and feet, and even cutting off their eyelids. The Comanche believed that such punishments were necessary to protect themselves from white colonists and Mexican bandits. The Comanche, who were imperialist, almost wiped out the Apaches who were far more adept at riding horses than Comanche warriors.

Zulu torture techniques

The use of freshly killed cow hides as torture beds are one of the most horrific examples of Zulu culture. Some people say that this is the only way to protect women from death by tiger, but that is simply not the case. These methods of torture are still used to this day. Some women are even tortured by being rolled up into freshly killed cowhides. It is impossible to say whether or not these methods are legal, but there are no laws preventing them from being used.

These methods of torture were practiced by the Zulu empire as early as 1828. Zulu people were a small tribe in the 1800s, but in 1828 they were the largest Black power in South Africa. After this period, Zulu armies swept across the country, adding great tracts of land to their dominion. But their brutality continued, and even today the Zulu people continue to use these methods of torture.

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