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How Do I Tan Cow Hide in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim?

Fortunately, there are several methods of tanning cow hides in the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The first way is to make a paste of Borax and Magic saplings and soak it in a bucket of water. Then, apply a tanner to the hide and wait for about 30 minutes. Your hide will be dark brown within an hour. However, if you don’t have the stamina and energy to spend a lot on a tanner, you’ll be unable to do much in that time.

Borax paste

When magnifying cow hides, you can use borax paste. You should apply a thick layer of the paste using a knife, and work it into the hide until it’s one-eighth of an inch thick. Use rubber gloves while working the paste into the hide. After it’s soaked, scrape off the excess paste and dry the hide. Then, wash it with clean water and apply a sealant.

To make a borax paste, combine four ounces of borax with 4 oz of water. Next, lay the hide flat, hair side down. Apply the paste with a scraper knife or brush to the flesh side of the hide. Let the hide sit for a day. After that, rinse it off with running water and dry it completely. You can also use the borax paste to tan cowhide osrs.

If you’re ready to tan your cowhide, you can visit Ellis in Al-Kharid, who charges three coins for each hide. To get started, you’ll need 27 cowhides. After tanning the hide, you’ll need 81 coins, which is the cost of the tanner. But don’t worry, if you have enough money, you can even tan more than one hide. Just make sure that you have enough coins in your inventory.

Magic saplings

The best way to tan a cowhide is to start in the middle of the hide and scrape a small area at a time using good force. When scraping the hide, always start in a spot where there is no grain, as this will make the tanning process easier. Eventually, you will need to scrape the whole hide. Once you’ve scraped the grain out of the hide, you can apply the tan.

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