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How Do I Identify Native American Rugs?

What Makes a Native American Rug Authentic? Many people would rather pay a lot less for a rug that doesn’t live up to its heritage. Despite this, authentic rugs are worth their weight in gold. Here are some tips to tell which rug is a Navajo:

Navajo rugs

How identify Navajo rugs can be tricky, especially if you have never heard of them before. Originally, the Navajo used a type of carpet called a kilim on the floor of their hogans. However, that wasn’t always the case. Over the years, these rugs have gone through various modifications and styles. This article will discuss the main characteristics of a Navajo rug and help you identify it.

Navajo rugs have side cords

Many Navajo rugs feature side cords. The cords function as edge warps and can produce a piece with more even edges than a twisted one. Look for a cord on the side of a Navajo rug if you want to buy it. If the cord isn’t visible, then the rug may not be a Navajo piece.

Navajo rugs have diamond and triangle design elements

The pattern of diamonds and triangles in Navajo rugs is a symbol of the sacred mountains in the Navajo culture. Triangular shapes are symbolic of the Dinetah (the sun god) and represent the earth, sky, and life. Diamond and triangle motifs are very common in Navajo rugs. Often, these rugs do not have borders.

Navajo rugs have two or three warp threads

Authentic Navajo rugs have either two or three warp threads. They are woven on an upright loom and have ridges on the ends created by the warp threads that have been run back into the rug. Mexican rugs are typically made with four or five warp threads, while authentic Navajo rugs have two or three warp threads per bundle.

Navajo rugs have a “spirit line”

Navajo rugs have a deliberate imperfection called a “spirit line” or Spirit Pathway. The Navajo believe that when a weaver creates a rug, they entwine part of their spirit into it. The “spirit line” was woven into every Navajo rug from the center to the outer edge. It is said that it prevents the weaver’s spirit from becoming trapped in the rug. A spirit line is usually visible in rugs that have borders, but not all rugs have them. These lines are usually found in the top right corner of the weaving.

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