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How Do I Design a Tribal Sleeve Tattoo?

You’ve decided to get a tribal sleeve tattoo. Now comes the decision of where to put it! Which part of your body is best for the tattoo? You’ll want to start by considering symbolism and style. Don’t forget to check the location first, as some areas can be a little sensitive! Here are some ideas to get you started:


Symbolism in tribal sleeve tattoo design includes an array of religious meanings. The cross is a universally recognized symbol of faith, and it has long been used to indicate devotion. Tribal tattoos feature thick black lines that give them a strong masculine feel. You can also place a cross to remind yourself of the tattoo’s significance. Symbolism in tribal sleeve tattoo design continues to grow in popularity as a fashion statement.

Symbolism in tribal sleeve tattoo design is varied. It can be a representation of a particular belief system or an image of nature. Some people choose tribal designs to represent religious or natural themes. Back tattoos are also an excellent choice for showcasing muscular definition and a tattoo’s significance. However, there are many other reasons to choose this type of tattoo.

Native American tribes from the Pacific Northwest use negative space in their art. They burn cedar to create this style and add natural pigments. The contrast in the design is striking and transfers well to tattoos. Full-sleeve designs are an option that is sure to make a statement. The design can be as simple as an intricate circle or a tribal pattern or as complex as a full back piece.


Before getting a tribal sleeve tattoo, you should consider the design of the tattoo. You can have the same style or choose different designs for different areas of your body. Make sure that you know your pain tolerance because a tattoo can be quite painful! Also, you should avoid getting a tattoo in sensitive places like the armpits, wrists, and inner elbows. Tribal tattoos are a great choice for those who want a bold design.

The eagle is an iconic symbol of wisdom and bravery, and it has been highly valued by some ancient cultures. Aztec eagle warriors adorned themselves with eagle feathers during battle. Similarly, Native Americans often used eagle feathers for both ceremonial and decorative purposes. However, the style of tribal sleeve tattoos is entirely up to you, and you should research your culture to find out which symbols and patterns are symbolic for you.

The style of tribal sleeve tattoo you choose depends on your personal preferences and body type. Men usually go for chunky lines with pointy designs while women tend to go for thinner lines with swirls and smaller shapes. Moreover, the placement is not a problem for women as their forearms are covered by clothing. Aside from being covered, forearm tattoos are also very popular among men.

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