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How Catify Your House to Blend With Rustic Decor

If you’re wondering how to certify your house to blend with rustic decor, look no further than the walls. Cats love to climb and play on furniture. Instead of attempting to hide the cat’s litter box, consider building a cat-friendly space. You can even build cat shelves to look like modern furniture. Build shelves yourself to create a cat route. Your cats will love to explore their new home’s vertical spaces!

Wall shelves solve both problems

If you love your feline companions, a wall shelf is an excellent solution to both problems. Wall shelves can help you display decorative home accessories and books while not taking up valuable floor space. If you want to save space in your room, consider adding adjustable shelves or wardrobe shelves. They can also serve as decorative items while blending in with your rustic decor. And since most of them are easy to install, you won’t need to worry about installing them yourself.

Cats love to climb on furniture

If you have a rustic-themed home, consider adding some cat-friendly furnishings. Your feline friend will enjoy climbing on the furniture and watching over your home. Add a cat-friendly table such as a cat tower and a bookshelf to keep all of her favorite books and toys in. A hammock is also an excellent choice for playtime. If your room is small, consider buying a wall-mounted cat tower and shelving unit.

Make sure to provide your cat with a scratching post or stepping shelf to prevent your cat from snatching the crumbs and food from the counters below. This will give your cat a good view of the rest of the room while providing them with a private area to climb. This will help reduce your cat’s stress levels and increase its happiness level. Cats can also learn to climb furniture and provide you with a fun activity for them.

Adding a cat shelf

Adding a cat shelf is a great way to incorporate your furry friend into the decor of your home. Many of these shelves are made of wood, but you can also choose metal ones. These have a steampunk vibe to them and are nearly indestructible. You can paint them to match your decor and add grip tape to the top to prevent them from falling down.

Another way to incorporate a cat shelf is to install it high on the wall. Install several cat shelves together to create an elevated cat perch. Place one near a window to provide your feline friend with a view of the outdoors. Alternatively, install one near the base of a bookcase or in a corner of the room. Your cat will love the elevated view and the climbing space.

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