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How Can I Combine Primitive and Beach Decor in A Bedroom?

Adding some primitive decorations is the perfect way to bring a coastal feel to your bedroom. Primitive decorations may include floral relief carvings in wood, wooden shutters or blinds, and simple draperies. Wood floors or natural stone tile are perfect for this look. Dark and medium-colored flooring is recommended. Oak flooring is an excellent choice, although pine is more popular in certain regions. This look is perfect for bedrooms because it is so versatile.

Mason jars

Using Mason jars and primitive and beach decor throughout your bedroom can add a coastal and primitive touch to your room. If you’re looking for a unique way to use mason jars, there are several ways you can decorate your bedroom with them. These ideas are great for both the bathroom and bedroom. You can even make them yourself by using shredded fabric and mod podge. These inexpensive crafts will add a touch of primitive charm to any room.

A mason jar filled with sand, seashells and small pieces of driftwood can be used as a terrarium for a beachy theme. Once filled with the elements, it can be sealed with decorative rope or ribbon. This inexpensive piece of decor will be the focal point of the bedroom. If you’re decorating for a boy, consider using a beach theme to decorate the room.

Reclaimed wood shelf

Reclaimed wood is perfect for beach and resort decor. The rustic style is a great choice because it’s eco-friendly and made of recycled materials. It’s also handmade, so it has a unique story to tell. A rustic wood shelf is a unique way to display your favorite beach-inspired items. You can find reclaimed wood shelves in many different styles, including a rustic barn wood one.

You can even combine reclaimed wood with pipes for an industrial look. This trend is becoming more common because it’s inexpensive and makes a statement. You can also find reclaimed wood shelves and other pieces that complement your existing decor. For a cohesive look, consider a feature wall made of reclaimed wood. Reclaimed wood’s color may vary greatly, so it’s important to consider your existing color palette when choosing the right pieces.

Burlap fabric wreath

While you may have a definite preference for modern and contemporary design, you can still find timeless coastal decor in your bedroom. The seaside decor is often a great way to channel an open Mediterranean feel in your space. To get the look, combine beach house staples with classic coastal elements. Below are a few design ideas to get you started. This beach bedroom features a white Oscar de la Renta bed against a wooden end table. To make the space feel more exotic, try hanging mosquito netting hoop-style from the ceiling.

Use reclaimed wood as wall coverings. Pallet wood embodies farmhouse design, while driftwood lends beachy charm. Use different shades and sizes of driftwood to personalize your shelf. Burlap fabric as wreaths adds warmth and style to any room. While incorporating beachy touches can be a challenge, you can get a lot of inspiration from a variety of sources. One way to find great reclaimed wood is at a salvage yard or tag sale. Also, check out the various online antiques and metal works stores.

Beach sign

If you want to create a calming haven for your children, you can combine beach and primitive decor. Both types of decor are timeless and will make any room feel like a peaceful haven. If you want to create a room that feels like a beach house, you can channel the open Mediterranean vibe with beach-inspired home decor. If you want a truly exotic feel, try using mosquito netting or other beach-inspired textiles and hanging them hoop-style from the ceiling.

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