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How Are Rustic Stars Home Decor Measured?

When shopping for home decor, you may be confused about how to measure your stars. If you are new to star buying, this article will help you understand the different sizes, colors, and dimensions of rustic stars. In addition, we will show you how to add colors to your star. Read on to learn more! Adding color to your star can be fun! Getting one of these decorative pieces is easy. But, how do you know what size to buy?


The dimensional design of these rustic stars lends a vintage feel to your home. The rustic metal star is a beautiful accent piece for your entryway or mantel, and its distressed paint finish makes it a wonderful choice for the modern farmhouse decor style. The rustic metal star comes with mounting hardware and a built-in keyhole hanger, and it is sure to make a statement in your decor. Moreover, it is made of tin metal, which is a traditional symbol of good fortune.

Metal stars come in various sizes and designs. They can be found in various colors and finishes, ranging from brushed to matte. Barn-style stars are typically 32″ or 40″.


Decorative metal stars add a country, and Americana feels to the home. These decorative stars typically have five points and can be hung on a porch wall, near a gable or garage, or on a barn. Their distressed look adds a classic charm to the decor. Choose from several colors and sizes. If you don’t have a drill, you can purchase a distressed metal star from your local craft store.

Barn stars were originally painted on barns, but they have since been transformed into works of art. Artists use heavy-duty metal to create them, giving them a rusty tin look. Rustic stars are now common home decor and are available in more contemporary colors. Stars of various colors have different meanings. Black stars represent protection and purity, blue stars symbolize fertility, and white is sacred. Brown stars represent friendship and pay homage to Mother Earth.


Rustic star’s home decor comes in different sizes. They range from 5″ to 12 inches in diameter. You can purchase them in different colors and finishes. Barn stars are the most common sizes. You can easily blend them into your current decor with a variety of other items. These stars are a great addition to a variety of decor styles. Read on to learn more about the different sizes of rustic stars. These home decor pieces can easily add an earthy and celestial touch to any room of your house.

Rustic Western Metal Star Wall Decor. This wall decor is made to withstand the harsh western climate. Its size is seven and a half inches in diameter. Its texture is made to complement Western decor. This piece is the perfect way to welcome guests. They come in three sizes to fit any wall. They will look great no matter where you hang them in your home. If you want rustic western metal stars, this is the perfect choice for you.

Adding color to your star

Whether you are looking to make your room look more stylish or add a rustic element to your home, you will find that tin stars and barn ornaments are both great ways to add a pop of color to your decor. Rustic star home decor is available on many popular websites, such as Wayfair and Home Depot. Tin stars are made from iron or distressed wood, so they will pop when placed on a wall. Choose a color that fits your overall decor scheme, such as turquoise or burnt red.

Barn stars were originally painted onto barns to decorate them, but artists created more decorative versions over time. Today, these large stars are often made of rusty tin. This gives them the rusty, country look they have become known for. Different colors represent different meanings. Blue and black stars symbolize protection, while green and white stars are associated with fertility and hope for growth on a farm. Brown stars represent friendship and pay homage to Mother Earth.

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