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How Are Navajo Rugs Made?

If you’re looking to purchase a Navajo rug, you’ve come to the right place! Here’s what you need to know about the weaving process, warp, and patterning. Read on to learn more! Navajo rug makers have a rich heritage of creating rugs of outstanding quality. Whether you’re buying a traditional Navajo rug for your living room or a modern reproduction, you’ll be glad you did!

Navajo rugs

When railroads first reached Navajo reservations, the market for woven goods increased dramatically. Wool production nearly doubled from 1880 to 1910 and textile production grew by an astonishing 800 percent. In addition, weaving became a popular alternative to marketing the Dine wool clip. In 1893, Lorenzo Hubbell, the “father of the Navajo rug,” began shipping 200 tons of handspun textiles from Ganado, the Navajo reservation, to the Washington, D.C., commissioner of Indian Affairs.

Navajo rug patterning

Traditionally, Navajo rug patterning was based on the region where it originated. Some styles are named after specific areas, but many are not. The Two-Faced, Twill, and Ganado styles all use motifs inspired by the region. A Navajo rug may feature multiple designs in the same design, such as stars, diamonds, and stars with dots. Regardless of style, the Navajo rug is unique.

Navajo rug warp

Navajo rugs are not made by following written instructions. They are woven vertically with horizontal patterns. Warp and weft are not visible when viewed directly. Generally, they feature plain or regular weaves, which vary in firmness and texture. Some of the Navajo rugs are made in a tapestry weave. Tapestry weaving, which combines the use of several different techniques, is the most complex type of Navajo rug.

Navajo rug size

Whether you’re interested in buying a traditional Navajo rug or a modern one, there are many factors to consider. Quality weaving will add to the cost. However, rugs are functional, not merely decorative. Despite their unique design, Navajo rugs are made to last. They are also one-of-a-kind, which means they can be returned or exchanged for another if you change your mind.

Navajo rug price

When looking at a Navajo rug, you should pay special attention to the pattern. While a lot of rugs have patterns that are similar, these are often made using different techniques. Navajo rugs are made with wool threads that are slightly rougher than cotton or linen. If you notice ridges along the edge of a rug, it’s likely a fake. These are created by cutting warp threads and running them back into the rug. In addition, a Navajo rug almost never has fringe. The weaver is said to put their energy and soul into the rugs.

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