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Hard Or Hard Leather in Runescape

If you’re wondering which is worth more in Runescape, you’ve come to the right place. There are some important differences between hard leather and cowhide leather and we’ll take a look at them. Cowhide leather is more expensive than hard leather, but both are worth their weight in gold. This article will explain how to determine their value in Runescape and give you tips for making your own.


The best way to earn money with Runescape is by making and selling Cowhides. The best place to find cowhides is the Falador area, south of Falador. You’ll see a few cows there. This area is also north of Yanille, west of the Nightmare Zone, and is perfect for beginners. But if you’re a higher-level player, you may want to skip it.

Hard leather

Hard leather in Runescape can be obtained by crafting items. To make these items, you need thread and a needle. There are some resources that provide hard leather, including the Al-Kharid Tannery, which is located west of Lumbridge. If you do not have this resource, you can buy it from a tanner for 3gp. To sell hard leather, you need to be level 78 in Lunar Magic.


In Runescape, there are two types of leather: Hard and Soft. Hard leather is generally more valuable than Soft leather, as it is used for armor. Soft leather, on the other hand, is cheaper than hard leather and can be used to craft Coifs. It is the fastest way to gain crafting experience, but the downside is that members often have little time to tan cowhides. That means that players often end up wasting time and money. If you’re looking to make a quick buck while leveling up, hard leather may be better than soft leather, and sometimes it’s a matter of personal preference.

Wood dyeing

One of the most popular Runescape crafting skills is wood dyeing, which is a fantastic way to add an extra splash of color to your items. There are several different types of wood dye, as well as a variety of methods that can be used to achieve your desired shade. The first option is to make your own wood dye using a canning jar, but be aware that this can be expensive. Alternatively, you can buy pre-made dyes and stains.


Cowhide or Hard Leather? This question has long plagued Runescape players, so this article will answer it. Whether cowhide is more valuable is a matter of personal preference, but many crafters feel strongly that cowhide is better. Some crafters use cowhide for other purposes, like mining silver, while others use it to make Coifs and other items.


Buying cowhide leather or hard skin for Runescape is a good way to improve your crafting skills. Cowhide is a versatile and durable material that can be used for various crafting projects. If you are looking to gain experience quickly, it is recommended to tan it before selling it. It can be purchased from the Grand Exchange (northwest of Varrock), or you can tan it yourself by purchasing the materials from the Al Kharid tannery.

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