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God Eater 3 – Part 2 – Customization, Assault Missions, and Where to Get Cow Hide

You’ve finally completed the first game in the God Eater series, but you’re looking for more. The first part of the game involves collecting cowhide, but that’s not the end of it! In this article, we’ll talk about the Burst mode, Customization options, and Assault missions. We’ll also cover Weapons. And finally, we’ll talk about where to find cowhide.

Burst mode

If you want to have an edge in battle, God Eater 3’s Burst mode is for you. The game’s unique battle system makes burst art upgrades a powerful way to improve your skills. You can use burst arts to modify your normal attacks and boost your damage output. To access the Burst Arts menu, go to the Terminal in your base. There, you’ll find three slots for Burst Arts. Once you’ve equipped one, you’ll see a description of that specific attack. Unlocking them will increase the range of your attack, which will be helpful when it comes time to unleash a devastating burst.

Customization options

If you want to make the God Eater you’ve always wanted, God Eater 3’s customization options are plenty. Customizing your God Arcs is an awesome way to express yourself in this action-packed RPG. Customize your weapons, outfits, and more for a truly unique look. The game features online and local multiplayer so that you and your friends can take on the challenge together. If you’re into cooperative play, you’ll love the new cooperative mode.

Assault missions

If you have ever played the God Eater series, you have probably played some of its assault missions. In this game, you can participate in up to six different assault missions, and if you want to unlock more, you can do so by completing other people’s assault missions as well. You can do this by choosing the same region in which you download the game, and asking your friends to complete a certain mission.


You can change your weapon in God Eater 3 to suit your character’s playstyle. The most common weapon in God Eater 3 is the Aragami strand, which is used in conjunction with your right hand. Some weapons are more versatile than others, such as the Shio’s blade which grows out of her hand. The blade has the same white coloring as Shio’s body, and it has a chainsaw-like structure. The sword also comes with a golden casing, so you can modify it to suit your character’s needs.


If you’re looking to get the best cowhide for God Eater 3, you’ve come to the right place. The game’s crafting and upgrading systems are vast and are unlike those in Monster Hunter. It gives you a good reason to spend time on missions and tinker with your stuff. Here are some of the best places to find cowhide in God Eater 3.

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