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Getting a Tribal Tattoo – What Kind of Design Should You Get?

Before you go out and get a tribal tattoo, you may be wondering what type of design to get. There are several options: traditional, abstract, Polynesian, and Native American. Let us explore some of these options in detail. After you decide on a design, you can select the placement for it, which will help remind you of its meaning. A cross is an excellent choice for those who want a bold design.


A traditional tribal tattoo design can represent a multitude of emotions. The saber and other tribal symbols represent power, protection, and strength. A sun tattoo, for example, is a universal symbol of life and growth and is often associated with fertility and protection. The sun was once feared by many ancient peoples, including the Aztecs, who believed blood sacrifices were required for the sun to rise. Some tribal designs incorporate religious imagery, such as snakes, goats, and flowers, as well as wards against the evil eye.


An abstract tribal tattoo design has a variety of meanings that range from simple to elaborate. An abstract heart design is often simple but striking, and a heart tattoo is a popular choice for those who want a design that is both unique and meaningful. A tattoo that features a heart is a personal memorial that will be an ever-present reminder of what’s important in life. You can choose an abstract design or a traditional design that features a recognizable heart shape.

Native American

If you have always wanted a tribal tattoo design, then a Native American design might be right for you. During the early years of Native American history, these tribes remained very private and would not allow outsiders to see their religious ceremonies and learn about their knowledge. Today, you can easily find these tribal tattoo designs on many people. You can choose from many designs, including those of a dreamcatcher. And while dreamcatchers are a traditional Native American design, there are many other designs that are equally beautiful.


A traditional Polynesian tribal tattoo design features a turtle as its central element. Turtles are symbols of perseverance, strength, and family, and they are considered a deity that enables souls to rest. A turtle tattoo is a striking and meaningful body art option. The placement of body art is also important, and these tribal tattoos can be beautiful and meaningful when done properly. Here are some examples of the different kinds of turtle tattoos you can choose from:


If you’re interested in a traditional Samoan tattoo design, you’ve come to the right place. Samoan tribal tattoos have a long history and are often popular among those with a strong Samoan heritage. During the early years of their art, Samoans tattooed each other with comb sticks dipped in ink and hitting them hard into the skin. Later, tattoo artists used plastic and candle-nut soot pigment as their preferred materials, making them easy to use.


One of the first questions that might arise when considering a pea tribal tattoo is “what kind of design is this?” The traditional pea tribal tattoo covers an area of the body from the waist to the knees. It consists of a series of geometric shapes, lines, and patterns. Each section of the pea has a special meaning. If you want a design that symbolizes your family and cultural heritage, a pea tribal tattoo may be for you.

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