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Figuring Out What Wall Decor Goes With Rustic Furniture

When you’re choosing furniture for your home, figuring out what kind of wall decor goes with rustic pieces is essential. When deciding on wall decor, consider the mood you’d like to create. The mood of your room can be captured by a weathered wooden sign or a set of deer antlers. If you’re looking for a rustic mood, a wood paneling sign and deer antlers go well together.

Midcentury Modern

What do Midcentury rustic designers do? They masterfully pair rustic furnishings with modern touches to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. One room design by Emily Henderson, a New York interior designer, combines rustic woods and contemporary styling. The room features a bold striped throw, a midcentury-inspired fireplace, and exposed wood beams on the slanted ceiling. A plush white rug graces the floor.

Natural materials

Often, natural materials go well with rustic furniture and wall decor. Raw wood, wrought iron, and geometric shapes are common choices for rustic wall decor. Lighting fixtures can include bulbs strung on rods or caged pendants. You can also opt for ringed chandeliers. They are beautiful accents that add an old-fashioned look to your home. Aside from these materials, you can also incorporate repurposed metal, such as an old barn door, to give your room an antique feel.

Geometric patterns

If you love nautical designs, consider incorporating some nautical flair into your rustic furniture and wall decor. Consider hanging rustic lanterns as wall sconces. You can find table lamps with nautical details, such as jute rope. For wall decor, look for rustic lanterns or repurposed buoys. Geometric patterns on rustic wall decor are also great for decorating walls. And if you’re not a fan of geometric prints, you can always incorporate more rustic decor by purchasing nautical-themed wall sconces.


The colors of rustic furniture work well with a variety of wall decor themes and finishes. Wooden pieces are a staple of rustic decor, whether they are old and aged or new and untreated. Typically, wood is used in flooring, millwork, and large pieces like ceiling beams and shiplap. Wooden pieces pair well with other materials that have more refined colors and patterns, which pull out their undertones and create a cohesive style story.


Rustic home decor is often characterized by natural materials such as raw wood, wrought iron, and geometric shapes. In addition to rustic wall decor, these materials can also be used for rustic furnishings, such as caged pendants or bulbs strung from rods. You can also use burlap to cover books, including the classics like Shakespeare’s Macbeth. And for a truly charming effect, consider using burlap to line shelves or table runners.


Achieve a cozy vibe with rustic furniture. Its raw materials are often made of driftwood or reclaimed wood. Rustic furniture is often made of natural fabrics and features varied textures and colors. It also favors warmth over modern design. Read on to learn more about the different textures of rustic furniture and how they can be paired with the walls in your home. The style is perfect for anyone looking to update their living space.

Mismatched yet coordinated look

If you love to mix and match contrasting styles, you can easily do so in your home. Rustic furnishings and wall decor work well together. Keep in mind that two or more of the same style will clash if they are displayed together. For instance, an elegant cherrywood dining table will look out of place next to a rustic white bookshelf. On the other hand, rustic white furnishings and wall decor will blend well with other colors and patterns.

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